Friday, January 23, 2009

Bob Taft for US Senate

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes were deeply saddened by the sudden retirement of our icon Senator George Voinovich. Voinovich is the godfather the Republican tax-and-spend movement in Ohio. His demands for higher taxes on everything from soda pop to Sales Taxes for football owners dawned a new era of prosperity for Ohio. Voinovich's tax-and-spend successes paved the way for proven tax-hikers Bob Taft, Jim Petro, Betty Montgomery, Nancy Hollister, and Jennette Bradley to follow his path.

But from this dark cloud came a bright new sun. Governor Bob Taft has decided to run and he was kind enough to post his announcement here. Republicans for Higher Taxes are proud to announce our unanimous endorsement for former Governor Bob Taft for US Senate. If there is anyone fit to follow in Senator George Voinovich's footsteps, it's Bob Tax. As Governor, Taft was a tax-hiking champion just as great as Voinvich. His Sales Tax increase made Ohio prosperous. His Gas Tax increase helped Ohio motorists every time they drove their cars. The Taft/Schmidt/Lovitt Hotel Tax increase for Hamilton County forced Sharonville's numerous hookers to contribute to the government every time they laid down for business.

We don't believe that the four criminal convictions Taft earned while serving as Governor should disqualify him from this race. They were just minor crimes. Jean Schmidt did the same thing and she's gone on to serve us proudly as a Congresswoman. We believe only great things could happen with Schmidt in the House and Taft in the Senate, each fighting for higher taxes.

Many have rallied around former Congressman Rob Portman but we will not. We can't think of a single tax increase Portman has supported, and he's voted for numerous tax cuts. Portman has consistently put the financial needs of families over the financial needs of the government. We find that totally unacceptable. And besides, just because he got over 70% of the vote in his 2nd District races while Jean Schmidt can barely win in the same district, doesn't mean he's a good candidate. He was just lucky. Once voters know of his opposition to tax increases he has no chance.

Taft can no longer rely on Tom Noe to fund his campaigns, which means we will have to run a grass roots campaign this time. But make no mistake, once voters learn of Taft's pro-tax record and Portman's history of opposing tax increases, Taft is going to win this race!


Mary Anne Christie said...

It's so uplifting to see all you young kids giving your support for little Bobby. I remember when Bobby's granddaddy was the President, those were good times. Governor Bob Taft was the best of them yet. I'm proud of everything he did to raise taxes and promote the careers of pro-choice women like me. I know he'll do just as great in the Senate as he did as Governor.

Governor Bob Taft said...

Thanks MaryAnne-
I knew I could count on you. It's Republicans like you that made Republicans like me great. I hope to follow in a great line of moderate Republicans who lead our Party to glory. We Nelson Rockefeller/Gerald Ford Republicans are taking over, and we need you in the trenches fighting for us.

PS - Keep up the good work bashing Conservatism in the Enquirer. We can't let those Ronald Reagan Republicans get control of our beloved Party ever again.

Yours in taxes,

Governor (future Senator)Bob Taft