Thursday, March 12, 2009

Save Volunteers of America

Until the past few days, County Commissioner David Pepper and his close ally Cincinnati Councilman Leslie Ghiz have done a great job advocating for the Volunteers of America. The VOA performs a valuable service by importing sex offenders and tax dollars to Cincinnati, both contributing to the diversity of our area and expanding our tax coffers. We urge Pepper and Ghiz to not give in to temptation to demand the removal of this excellent sex offender facility over one murder. We want them to remember the greater good they do for our area and continue to support their work.

We are disgusted by the efforts of notoriously anti-tax Chris Monzel to close this valuable VOA facility. He is overreacting to one individual crime. If this facility closes, not only would sex offenders from outside this area have nowhere else to go, but more importantly our region would lose all of the tax dollars that come here because of their presence. We must not let anything get in the way of those tax dollars. If necessary, we would even support a county-wide property tax increase to expand this facility and improve their operations.

Former Leslie Ghiz aide Scott Gehring is now one of the VOA Executives, and we are extremely proud of the great work he has done for them. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for their success. You may remember that last year we profiled Gehring. We stand behind our assertion that he is a future political star. His star now shines brighter than ever because of his admirable work with the VOA.

We applaud Scott Gehring for everything he's done to make the VOA a Cincinnati icon. We applaud Leslie Ghiz for standing behind them and sending her aide to work there. We applaud David Pepper, whose aide Jen Winkelman is married to Gehring, for supporting their work. We just want to remind Pepper and Ghiz to remember all the great things VOA does for Cincinnati, especially the tax dollars they bring us. Let's all stand together by rejecting Chris Monzel's efforts to shut down VOA's sex offender facility and continue the Pepper/Ghiz policy of supporting their work.


Anonymous said...

Gehring's connections to Pepper and Ghiz seems to be a symptom of why the Volunteers of America have received so much political support in spite of near-universal opposition to them. These three people are obviously not the only reason for this, but they are a big part of it, and a great example of how our political system really works.

Scott Gehring may service sex offenders reasonably well, but this facility does not serve our community well at all.

MerriAnCrusty said...

David Pepper seems to have a lot of shady connections. Isn't his aide also his campaign treasurer? The same aide who is married to Mr. VOA, aka Scott Gehring? Why would Pepper associate with these people?