Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shannon Jones to run against our Michelle Schneider?

Recently we have come out with a strong endorsement of Michelle Schneider for State Senate. In spite of this, State Representative Shannon Jones has indicated she plans to run for the seat too. We would encourage her to think otherwise.

We think Shannon Jones has the potential to become a solid tax-and-spend Republican. However, Michelle Schneider has already proven her tax-and-spend skills with distinction. Her votes for Bob Taft's tax increases, Simon Leis' Sales Tax hike, and more taxpayer funding for The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center give her the cred that Jones has yet to earn.

We expect Shannon to obey. As a former roomate of Michelle's, she should sit back and learn from her, not run against her.

We stand behind our support for Michelle Schneider. She looms large in this race, in every possible way. Shannon and everyone else had best understand this.


Jabba the Aryeh said...

I'm even fatter than both of them.

Aryeh Alex

Anonymous said...

Adamec family in action, dedicated to Blue Ash, dedicated to Sycamore - move over, their coming thru!