Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Select Schneider to the State Senate

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of our own needs our help. There is now a vacancy for the 7th Senate seat for Ohio and we fully intend on getting it filled with a qualified tax-and-spend Republican. Our movement could not have possibly found a better candidate than former State Representative Michelle Schneider, who we have previously endorsed for this race.

By selecting Michelle Schneider, the Ohio Republican Party/Senate Caucus would send a strong message that we are still the tax-and-spend party. Since the departure of our great former Governor Bob Taft our party has been debating the direction we will take in the future. Republicans can help settle this issue with the selection of another Bob Taft Republican to fill the vacancy. And we have no doubt that Michelle would fully fill the seat.

This is where we need your help. We need our fellow tax hikers to contact the Ohio Republican Party, GOP Senate Caucus, and Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou to send them 1 clear message - they must select tax hiker Michelle Schneider for this seat. Michelle is one of the best tax hikers and biggest spenders that we have. She supported Bob Taft's tax-and-spend agenda for 8 years in the State House, now let's send her to the Senate where she can raise taxes even higher. Michelle Schneider for State Senate!


Virgil Lovitt said...

I'm totally with you guys. Michelle is as great of a tax hiker as I am. That's why me and Alex T proudly co-hosted her big fundraiser. Once me and Michelle get back to Columbus we're going to raise taxes through the roof.

Anonymous said...

Ohio's Republican leaders keep saying that they need to get back to being fiscal conservatives and move away from the Taft-and-spend years that ruined our party's image with the voters.

Prove it. If they're going to continue picking Bob Taft's boys and girls, like Schneider, then we'll know we're being lied to. You cannot claim to be the fiscally conservative party and then refuse to run fiscally conservative candidates.

liberalsrcrap said...

Little Spendit Seitz apparently is trying to convince anti-tax Tom Brinkman to stay out of the senate race. Seitz says they HAVE to raise taxes in 2010 so Billy does not want Tom to run because if Tom wins, he won't vote for Billy's Republican tax increase.