Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hamilton County discusses new Transit Tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, our ally Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Bortz is proposing a new countywide Transit Tax to replace Cincinnati's contribution to the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes wholeheartedly endorse this brand new tax.

After all, streetcars do not fund themselves. The City of Cincinnati badly wants a $200 million streetcar system to run through Over The Rhine, but don't have the money to pay for it. We have long been supporters of this streetcar plan.

Just as our man Barack Obama wants to spread the wealth, we want to make sure when the streetcar is built that we spread the costs. Why should Cincinnati residents have to pay for their own streetcar? We strongly believe that the taxpayers in suburban communities like Sycamore Township, Green Township, and Anderson Township should contribute their fair share to the costs of the Cincinnati Streetcar. Spread the wealth, spread the costs.

We applaud the leadership of our great tax hiker Chris Bortz. And we applaud our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz for voting for the streetcar and in 2006 endorsing Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner so that we tax hikers have the votes to make these plans a reality. Our community has benefited greatly from the fantastic tax-and-spend leadership of Pepper, Ghiz, and Bortz.


Leslie Ghiz said...

Although I have to tell those narrow-minded GOP primary voters that I am temporarily opposing the streetcar, I want all of you good supporters to know that I voted for the streetcar and at some point will resume my full support for it. I think this tax plan is a wonderful idea to get all Hamilton County taxpayers to contribute to my city's streetcar and other transportation needs. We Cincinnatians shouldn't have to shoulder the burden ourselves.

I am so proud of my support for David Pepper for Commissioner 3 years ago. Because of me, we have two excellent tax-and-spend Democrats running our county.

Pissed off Repubican in Harrison said...

Doeas this mean I get to pay for City of Cincinnati residents to ride the Metro bus too? Wow, I feel lucky. Thanks for nothing Ghiz

Sean D said...

Oh boy, do you really think Leslie Ghiz wrote this post? Pull up the voting record of Ghiz. It speaks for itself. She seems to be the only Republican who speaks out against the Mayor's poor politics on Cinci City Council. Who in hell wants to put a puppet on Commission and does what other people tell him to do? No thanks. Ghiz for Commission will be a reality and the only hope for our county in this election.

COAST said...

Why don't you all just join the Democrat party? They would love to have you, the real Republicans would love to get rid of you, and it would be less confusing for the rest of us.

Democrats love rail boondoggles for many reasons:
1. Government environmental regulations have made them so expensive that only a government can afford them.
2. They're guaranteed money-losers, requiring government subsidies forever.
3. That's why no government has ever built a rail system without raising taxes to pay for it.
4. Freeloaders (a core Dem constituency) love it when somebody else buys their ride to work (if they work).

That's why no real Republican supports rail.

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented public mass transit.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

Sean D, thanks for the support you are providing to our tax-hiking movement! You are correct that Leslie Ghiz's record speaks for itself.

Ghiz voted for Mallory's plan to build a $200 million streetcar. Ghiz voted for the Pepper/Portune $777 million Sales Tax increase. Ghiz voted for Mallory's $800,000 subsidy to The Freedom Center. Ghiz even voted for Democrat David Pepper to help the Democrats take over the Commission.

Ghiz's record indeed speaks for itself. She has been a great supporter of higher taxes, more spending, and electing tax-and-spend Democrats. That's why we, like you, proudly endorse her for County Commissioner.