Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ghiz not abiding by her own standards

Dear fellow tax hikers, when every Council member except Chris Monzel was passing legislation granting special rights to homosexuals, Leslie Ghiz chided the opponents of this legislation for spending money to campaign against it.  

Shame on YOU people for spending thousands of dollars putting that in the paper, and not spending it another way--like helping children.

Ghiz clearly believed that campaign or advocacy money should not be spent for that purpose, it should be spent for the children.  Because of this we were certain that Ghiz would not be able to spend any money on her own campaign for County Commissioner.  We have been proud to lead the coalition of tax hikers, gay rights advocates, and David Pepper supporters that would win her the Republican nomination. 

However, we can confidently reveal that Ghiz is not living by the standards that she has applied to others, and will be spending all of her campaign money to defeat that Tea Party-endorsed conservative Chris Monzel!  Our household has already received 3 mailers from Ghiz and seen her campaign ads on television.  You go girl!

We had no problem with Michelle Schneider's lies, and we have no problem with Leslie Ghiz's lies either.  Ghiz should not have to abide by the standards she sets for others.  We have a race to win and integrity shall not be an obstacle.  Ghiz is one of our biggest heroes for everything she has done to raise taxes, promote gay rights, elect Democrats to the County Commission, and build the streetcar.  Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner! 


Jean Schmidt's campaign staff said...

Leslie Ghiz is going to win, Michelle Schneider is going to win, and then COAST and the Whistleblower will go out of business.

Go Leslie! Us tax-hiking ladies need to support each other!

The Victory Party will be at Betty Montgomery's and Jo Ann Davidson's house in Columbus.

Blain J. Remmington III said...

We have to admit that we find it incredibly amusing to watch Leslie portray herself as a conservative. We'll continue to look the other way until she wins. We wouldn't want to hurt her chances against her right-wing primary opponent. Thank you Leslie for standing up again and again for homosexual rights!

Christina Seelbach said...

I'll be voting for Ghiz in the straw poll at the GOParty next week along with the other RINOs, condescending urbanists, YP snobs, streetcar enthusiasts, and radical homosexual advocates.

The great part about GOParty is that you don't even have to be a Republican to participate. You can be a registered Democrat just like me!!! Democrats unite! Support Ghiz!!!

UC Log Cabin Republicans said...

Remember, Gay is for Ghiz. Leslie Ghiz has been a strong supporter of our community, therefore we are strong supporters of her.

Go Gay! Go Ghiz!

Gay Bill from OTR said...

I'm gay. What can I do to help our Ghizzy?

Man Hater Mary Anne Crusty said...

Leslie Ghiz is a woman so she doesn't have to hold herself to the same standards she sets for others.

Illegal Immigrants for Ghizita said...

Standards? We don't need no stinkin' standards!