Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monzel wins anti-tax support

Dear fellow tax hikers, due to his consistent opposition to higher taxes Chris Monzel has been endorsed for County Commissioner by our enemies at COAST. This cannot come as a surprise to anyone. COAST is against higher taxes. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes believe all taxes should be raised. Therefore, we are enthusiastically supporting Leslie Ghiz.

Chris Monzel's crimes against our high-tax movement are long and severe. Every year he has introduced a motion to freeze the city's property taxes. Every year! He was the only member of Council to oppose the massive $777 million Sales Tax hike that Ghiz endorsed. He has been the only member of Council to oppose subsidizing The Freedom Center. Monzel committed the ultimate betrayal by opposing the Mallory/Ghiz $200 million streetcar that we have endorsed. He even opposes taxpayer funding of abortion and domestic partner coverage.

Leslie Ghiz is on our side. She endorsed the big Sales Tax hike that the Monz would not. Ghiz voted to build Mallory's $200 million streetcar. She voted to give $800,000 to The Freedom Center. Ghiz proudly endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner, giving tax-and-spend Democrats control of our County. Ghiz wants to help Democrat Todd Portune add taxpayer-funded domestic partner coverage for Hamilton County. And most of all, Ghiz carries herself with the dignity and professionalism that we expect of our public servants. Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!


Steve Chabot said...

I sure hope my base supporters don't find out about how my staffers are doing double duty for the Ghiz campaign. They might think I support gay rights and domestic partnerships just like Leslie. I didn't realize that she and David Pepper were such good friends either. Such a nice young man. He might go places.

YP Snob said...

I support the streetcar and therefore will be voting for Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner. Us young white professionals deserve our own publicly-funded transportation where we can avoid the poor and minorities. Go Ghiz!

D Pepper said...

The fiscal conservatives are out to get my dear friend Leslie Ghiz. Hopefully the fam can offset this by giving her and my other friend Michelle Schneider more $$$.

The other woman running to the right of Michelle got the COAST endorsement too. I hope to support Michelle Schneider so she can tax me later...I trust her to do this, she's never let me down.

Matt said...

David, I know you can count on Michelle's support.