Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Virgil Lovitt endorses new tax increase

Dear fellow tax hikers, we feel tremendous pride in announcing that our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt has endorsed a large tax increase for the lucky voters in the Princeton School District.  This needed tax hike would raise taxes by over $150 per year for each $100,000 of home valuation.  So if you own of one of the many trailer homes in Sharonville, you would pay about $50 per year in higher taxes. 

We are working very hard to pass this tax increase.  In addition to locking down the huge endorsement of our man Virg, we even participated in a Tax Hike parade held this past Saturday to show the community's support for higher taxes.

If there is anything that deserves its own parade, it's a Virgil Lovitt tax increase.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly join Virg in endorsing this big tax hike. 

The Princeton School District badly needs this money.  This school district currently spends $14,803 per student per year, meaning that Princeton spends more money per student than all but 8 of the 613 school districts in Ohio.  But that is not enough!  They must spend more.  Princeton should continue raising taxes and raising spending until they are the biggest spenders in Ohio. 

It is not enough to only have more money per student to spend than over 98% of school districts in Ohio.  We applaud Virgil Lovitt for recognizing this fact.  The only way to solve this underspending is to raise taxes! We salute Virg for once again taking a stand for higher taxes.  We proudly stand with Mayor Lovitt to endorse this needed property tax increase.  Tax us more! 


Virg Lovitt said...

I'm so proud to endorse this tax increase just as I'm proud of all my other tax increases. I am very thankful to Republicans for Higher Taxes for their support of me over the years, and for supporting all taxes I have raised. We Republicans have to work together to keep raising all of our taxes.

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a tax increase that Virgil Lovitt *hasn't* endorsed?

Liz Ghiz Aziz said...

Where can I sign up to endorse this increase???

High Tax Diane Adamec said...

You've got a long way til you catch up to our spending out in the Sycamore School District.

We spend MORE in Sycamore!!!

Alex T. said...

You know the Greeks invented tax increases.

Hafaz Al Aziz said...

My wife's opponent invented taxes!