Monday, April 26, 2010

Jon Husted for Secretary of State

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to offer our strongest possible support for one of Ohio's greatest tax hikers, Jon Husted.  Husted is possibly the greatest tax hiker we have seen run for statewide office since Bob Taft himself was in charge.  Husted is running for Secretary of State to help revive the Ohio Republican Party's tax-and-spend movement that has struggled since Governor Taft's four criminal convictions while in office.  Please consider the fantastic Husted record:

1.  Voted for Bob Taft's 20% Sales Tax increase.

2.  Voted for Bob Taft's 27% Gas Tax increase.

3.  Led the implementation of the Commercial Activities Tax which is loathed by small businesses with tight profit margins.

4.  Supported Bob Taft's 3rd Frontier program.

5.  Has strongly supported spending millions of tax dollars on The Freedom Center.  Not only has Husted consistently voted for this, but when Representatives Tom Brinkman and Bob Mecklenborg had gathered votes to pass an amendment to cut off this funding, Speaker Husted responded by refusing to allow a vote and thus protecting their taxpayer subsidy.  The $5,000 of campaign contributions Husted received from John Pepper, of course, had nothing to do with this.

6.  A man of great integrity, Husted represents a Dayton-area Senate district where he claims to live, while he and his family live, work, and attend school in Franklin County nearly 100 miles away.  

7.  After we endorsed Virgil Lovitt for State Representative, Husted answered our call by adamantly demanding that the Hamilton County Republican Party select 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virg for this position.  Husted threatened to punish the local party if it did not comply with his wishes. 

8.  As important as anything else, Husted lobbied hard to pass the election reforms prior to the 2008 Election that established the Kos-beloved "Golden Week" and allowed ACORN to dominate our state.  ACORN had no better friend in Ohio than Jon Husted. 

As you can see, Jon Husted is Ohio's greatest and most accomplished tax-and-spend Republican and has been ACORN's #1 supporter.  We need Jon Husted as Ohio's Secretary of State so he can continue to raise taxes and help ACORN.  Some day he will be Governor, and when he is he might be even better than Bob Taft.  We strongly back Jon Husted for Secretary of State!


Sweaty Betty Montgomery said...

Wow, what a great candidate!

Merrie An ManHater said...

With a record like that, I will have to cast aside my usual preference for Republican women and vote for a man for once!

Little Jonny Husted will have my vote! He and I both claim to have "Tea Party Values."

Little Ghizzy Lizzy said...

Me likee taxes, me likee taxes.

Sweaty Betty Hull said...

Me likee free food and drinkee served at Ghizzy Lizzy's campaign headquarters.

Governor Boob Taft said...

Atta boy Jonny! You're making Papa Taft proud. If you liked me, you'l love Jon Husted!

Hafaz al Aziz said...

My wife Leslie has endorsed him.