Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pepper donates to Ghiz campaign

Dear fellow tax hikers, as you know our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz publicly endorsed and campaigned for liberal Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006.  Her assistance was instrumental in Pepper's victory and helped switch control of our County to tax-and-spend Democrats.  Because of Ghiz's consistent support for Pepper and his liberal agenda, the ultra-wealthy Pepper family has donated large amounts of money to Ghiz over the past few years. 

We have reviewed the latest campaign finance reports and can proudly report that David Pepper's mommy Frances Pepper has once again made a large donation to Leslie Ghiz in her campaign to defeat conservative Chris Monzel for Commissioner.  Liberal Leslie has earned this money.  When conservatives needed Leslie the most, she turned her back on them by endorsing Democrat David Pepper, and later endorsed his massive Sales Tax increase. 

Mommy Pepper has been extremely generous to liberal candidates and liberal causes.  For example, Frances Pepper has donated $1150 to the National Organization for Women, a strongly pro-abortion group.  She has donated $950 to The Wish List, which is dedicated to funding the campaigns of pro-abortion Republican women.  Pepper's mommy has donated $3150 to Republicans for Choice, a group which promotes abortion within the Republican Party.  And finally, Frances Pepper has donated an astounding $35,550 to EMILY's List, an organization dedicated to electing pro-abortion Democratic women to public office

Pro-abortionist Frances Pepper is a tremendous woman who has dedicated her life to the killing of unborn children.  We encourage everyone to click this link and watch the video that highlights her life's work.

Anybody who has killed as many babies as Frances Pepper should be extremely proud of herself.  And Leslie Ghiz should be proud to count her as one of her large financial supporters.  Nobody from the Pepper family would ever donate to conservative Chris Monzel because he is the only candidate in this primary race who has always been pro-life and has been endorsed by Cincinnati Right to Life both in this race and in all of his prior campaigns.  Pro-abortionist Frances Pepper and Leslie Ghiz, these are two great women.  Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner!


Morris the Cat said...

Hey jerkface. Lay off Leslie Ghiz. She earned that money fair and square when she endorsed Pepper against her fellow Republican Phil Heimlich. That's how politics work. Sometimes you have to betray your own in order to get ahead. Ghiz knows how to do that and it has paid off for her.

Democratic loyalist said...

Personally, I think it's awesome that Leslie Ghiz has supported so many Democrats like David Pepper. I'd vote for Ghiz on Tuesday, but I've got to vote in the Democratic Primary, being the good Democrat I am. I'm still going to vote for my party's nominee in November, however.

Emily said...

Ghiz should definitely be on my list. You go girl!!!

George Tiller the Killer said...

I hope God is more generous with Frances Pepper for all the babies she's killed than He was with me. It's no fun down here in Hell.

Monzel wins said...

Hey Frances Pepper - when you're done killing babies today, I hear Ghizzy Lizzy has a huge campaign debt to pay off. Perhaps you can write her some more large checks before you resume killing more babies?