Sunday, September 5, 2010

Liz Ping for State Representative

(the Ping family crest)

Dear fellow tax hikers, it is our mission to support and promote the finest tax hikers in politics, wherever we can find them.  With that in mind, we offer our strong support to tax-hiking veteran Liz Ping for State Representative.  Mrs. Ping Pong has distinguished herself in the art of higher taxation.  She has compiled a fantastic record of supporting tax hikes for all Hamilton County residents. 

Ping Pong not only supports tax increases, she also donates her riches to the cause.  When we tax hikers needed help to support the $777 million sales tax increase passed by David Pepper and Todd Portune, Ping stepped up to the plate.  While reviewing the Issue 27 campaign finance reports we discovered that Mrs. Ping Pong was one of the generous donors to this campaign, which raised $1 million to help pass this important tax increase.  This is the kind of tax hiking leadership and dedication we need in Columbus.

When she isn't busy raising taxes, Ping can be found at the nearest table perfecting her mad clutch Ping Pong skills.  We know Ping can utilize these skills for our pro-tax benefit.  If Liz can destroy our anti-tax enemies with the same skill, dedication, aggressiveness, and efficiency as she does to her overmatched Ping Pong opponents, she would instantly be a tremendous tax-hiking asset in Columbus.

We tax hikers are facing a difficult time right now.  This makes it more important than ever to give one of our rising stars the support she needs.  Ping Pong has proven herself in the tax-hiking arena, and her election gives us a great chance to develop another great tax-and-spend leader.  Please do what you can to support her.  Liz Ping for State Representative!


Alex T. said...

You know, the Greeks invented Ping Pong and the Chinese stole it from us.

Michelle Schneider said...

What a fantastic candidate! I hope she'll have dinner with me sometime at the local buffet.

Roy said...

Michelle, we need you to try for another comeback! With Taft gone, you are one of our last great soliders!