Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strickland signals plans to raise taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great tax-and-spend Governor Ted Strickland has given strong indications that he will propose a significant tax increase if he is re-elected this November!  For some reason Strickland will not come out and say it, but consider the following chain of events:

- Strickland acknowledged that there will be a budget shortfall of up to $8 billion.
- Ohio's budget must be balanced each cycle.  
- Strickland outright refuses to make $8 billion in cuts, even criticizing his opponent John Kasich for being willing to make these cuts. 
- Therefore, Ted Strickland will be proposing a multi-billion dollar tax increase to balance Ohio's budget.

We think this is a fantastic policy decision.  Ohio's taxes are too low.  Ohio must enact a significant tax increase to remain competitive.  We condemn John Kasich for stating that he will balance the budget by making budget cuts.  Government should not have to tighten its belt.  You need to tighten yours.  Tax us more!


Liz Ping Pong said...

You've been Ping'd! If you elect ME, Liz Ping, to the State House, I promise to vote for EVERY tax increase Ted Strickland proposes. Turn Around Ted is right, we HAVE to tax our way out of this problem.

- Liz Pingy Poo

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented the taxation of ping pong balls.

General Connie Pillich said...

I didn't get all these medals fighting in combat for nothing. No really, I didn't earn them and wasn't in combat. I bought them on the internet. But I will fight with Governor Strickland to raise taxes!