Friday, September 10, 2010

Tarbell says Vote for Old People

Dear fellow tax hikers, at a recent debate between our enemy Chris Monzel and pro-tax Democrat Jim Tarbell, Tarbell dropped the bomb on Monzel.  Tarbell unleashed what he feels is his #1 qualification for being on the Hamilton County Commission:

"Our leaders in government are either too young to have the experience we need right now or don't have the courage to make the decisions that are needed."

That's right, Jim Tarbell is old.  Real old.  Tarbell will quickly raise the age of any room he enters, with the possible exception of the Blue Ash Republican Club.  Chris Monzel, who is in his early 40's, is just not old enough to be a good Commissioner. 

Tarbell's advanced age is one of his finest qualifications for Hamilton County Commission.  The old guys have done a fantastic job running our county.  Especially the old Democrats.  Democrats have run our county for the last 4 years and the city of Cincinnati for the last 2 decades.  Can anyone say that they haven't done a wonderful job?

Let's keep a great thing going.  Vote old.


Tarbell's OTR neighbor said...

I happen to like Jim Tarbell's experience at building streetcars and raising taxes.

Anonymous said...

Tarbell's for the streetcar! Yay!

Alex T. said...

Greek civilization is Old. Real Old.

John Dowlin said...

I remember when little Jimmy Tarbell was just knee-high. He's grown into such a fine young tax-hiker. He'd make a great Commissioner just like me!

Mary Ann Krusty said...

Old?! Old?! Who does that young man think he's fooling?