Monday, September 20, 2010

Liz Ping goes on the attack

Dear fellow tax hikers, we were serious when we profiled up-and-coming tax hiker Liz Ping and gave her our pro-tax stamp of approval.  Ping Pong's candidacy is no joke.  And now she is taking the fight to her enemies. 

Recently Ping sent her declaration of war to the local GOP:   

Maggie Nafziger and the Hamilton County GOP; you've been PING'd!

We hear that the GOP is REALLY scared!  They've seen Ping Pong when she gets fired up and they want no piece of this.  They are petrified that they will suffer the same wrath as her many defeated ping pong opponents. 

It is undeniable that our Liz Ping is on the move and has gathered the momentum in this race.  Now that Liz has earned the support of the tax hikers, pro-abortionists, and gays, she is very close to clinching victory.  We are now elevating this contest to one of our target races.  We are so excited by what Mrs. Ping Pong has to offer.  Her victory will give us another strong tax-hiking ally in Columbus to help Ted Strickland continue his efforts to Turn Around Ohio.   Tax us more!

1 comment:

Carrie Crusader said...

I've loved Liz ever since I found out she donated money to the campaign to raise our Sales Tax! We need higher taxes. Go Liz!