Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sharonville subsidizes Fine Arts Center

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly report the news that the Sharonville City Council has voted to spend $30,000 to subsidize the Sharonville Fine Arts Center.  This is the latest in a series of subsidies to this excellent Sharonville economic development tool.

We start with the first $200,000.  "After a $200,000 investment by Sharonville, and a decision to use the property as a fine arts center, additional fund raising began."  This would surely produce economic development.

Then came some more.   “That wasn’t enough, and it (the fine arts board) came back to (Sharonville) council," Hardman said.  Funds totaling $300,000 were requested, and the city provided them, he said."  It was necessary for economic development.

Now we have another $30,000.  "It shows that this council has had an interest in seeing this happen,” Hardman said. “But the message now is that you have to make it on your own.”

You heard it.  The Fine Arts Center is on its own now.  Council was just playing around the first couple times, but this time they really mean it!

We have a special admiration for Sharonville because of all the great economic development tools that they have produced.  They have this great Fine Arts Center.  Then there's the Sharonville Community Center.  And who could ever forget the Sharonville Convention Center and their weekly knife shows?

All of this is due to the fine leadership of 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt.  We can always count on our man Virg to support economic development projects that can only be successful with a large infusion of taxpayer dollars.  Economic development projects like the Bengals Stadium, Reds Stadium, The Freedom Center, and of course, The Streetcar. 

The Sharonville Fine Arts Center is economic development at its finest.  It generates so much economic development that it requires endless taxpayer subsidy to keep it afloat!  This is exactly the kind of economic development that we at Republicans for Higher Taxes are proud to support.  Remember, it's economic development, no matter how much taxpayer money it requires.


Bill Goodman said...

Thanks a boatload for propping up my gun and knife show Virg! I owe you!

Mark Weber said...

Virg, doggonit! I told you to be more discreet when blowing those people's money! If our cover is blown then there goes those republican votes and our republican backers. Alex T. is already suspicious, Tim B. says he wants me to star in "pin the tail on the donkey", and I can't expect the Blue Ash taxpayers to remain clueless forever. Ha Ha Ha....well, maybe I can.