Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Streetcar opponents try to derail streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are dismayed that streetcar opponents have launched a petition drive to stop our great Streetcar project!  It is our strongly held belief that citizens have no right to vote on a streetcar.  They are too stupid to decide this issue for themselves.

This streetcar would bring economic development to Cincinnati.  How?  We have no idea.  But we've been told that it will and that's all you need to know.  It will bring the same economic development that the stadiums, freedom center, and Sharonville Fine Arts Center have brought to our area.

We are going to lead the opposition to this charter amendment!  This site is now the headquarters of the pro-streetcar effort.  The fight starts now to prevent citizens from voting on this vitally important economic development project. 

We will match those streetcar opponents signature for signature.  When they get a signature, we will get a signature to cancel them out.  We would like everyone in Cincinnati who supports the pro-economic development streetcar to sign their name in this post.  We need to show everyone just how many of us support the streetcar and all the economic development it will bring.  Tax hikers, we count on you to STOP the vote!

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Cathy Rino Smith Mills etc. said...

I was for the streetcar before i was against it, at least that's what Alex told me to say.