Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bengals need another $43 million

Dear fellow tax hikers, once again we are called to help those in need.  Our beloved Cincinnati Bengals have identified $43.6 million of expenses that they need the taxpayers to cover.  We have received word that County Commissioner Greg Hartmann and his staff are already busy getting drunk working on the next tax increase that will give the Cincinnati Bengals the extra tax dollars that they deserve.

We applaud Commissioner Tax Hike Hartmann for his fantastic leadership.  This is the 2nd time the Bengals have demanded more money from the taxpayers in just the 1 month he's been Commission President.  And with Tax Hike Hartmann in charge, they will get it.  Greg knows more than anyone that Hamilton County's #1 priority is to give as much money to the Bengals as possible. 

The Bengals deserve this money.  Would it be fair to expect the Bengals to pay for their own scoreboard?  Should Mike Brown have to pay for new carpeting in his offices?  And would we want anyone but the taxpayer to provide more efficient air conditioning for Bob Bedinghaus and Jeff Berding?  If it wasn't for Hamilton County taxpayers, Mike Brown would have to pay for these expenses himself.

We expect everyone to stand behind Tax Hike Hartmann as he raises our taxes once again to further enrich Mike Brown.  That is how business is done in this county.  The Bengals come first, and everyone else must provide.  Tax us more!


Bob Bedinghaus said...

It's as if I never left the Commission. Go Greg!

Roy said...

Give the Bengals what they need! Tax us more if needed!

Keith Corman said...

If I get the nod to replace Lou Blessing after he stole that state representative seat from me, I can solve this problem, get the Banks built, fix our transportation problems, and build a new jail for Simon Leis.

Colerain First said...

By raising taxes, right Keith?

GOP Inc said...

We hope no one notices all the cozy relationships between Republican Party insiders and the Bengals payroll.