Thursday, September 20, 2012

Junketing Jean Schmidt

Dear fellow tax hikers, while we Jean Schmidt supporters have been crying in our milk since her humiliating defeat, Jean herself has been living it large as she tours the world courtesy of special interest groups and the 53% of taxpaying Americans.  According to the USA Today, Jean is one of several lame duck lawmakers who are spending their final months in office flying the globe

We disagree with the Public Citizen watchdog who criticized these global siestas. 

The lawmakers describe these trips as fact-finding missions that will shape their thinking on legislation. Citing partisan stalemates on Capitol Hill, Craig Holman of the watchdog group Public Citizen instead calls them "vacations for retiring members of Congress."

We repudiate this mean-spirited criticism.  After all the years Jean has spent raising taxes, bailing out Wall Street, jacking up spending and debt, and breaking numerous ethics laws, nobody deserves a series of free international expeditions more than our Congresswoman Schmidt.  We are certain her dedicated Hamilton County acolytes will agree with us. 

We tax hikers are still bitter at the way she was treated by Republican primary voters earlier this year.  That military guy Brad Wenstrup had no right to run against her, and he certainly had no right to win.  That was Jean's seat.  She was entitled to hold it.  Our Jean Schmidt will rise again....if she ever returns from her global travels. 


KNC51 said...

I can't use my name because I have a very important position at the highest levels of government in the Great State of Ohio and in my high-level position, I am what stands between fair and honest elections and illegal voting by the angry mob of progressives who seek to destroy what made this country great.

But enough about me. I came here to discuss our Republican Party, because I am The Greatest Republican Who Ever Lived. Really. Just ask my family.

You know, it's really sad what's happened to our great nation when someone as honorable as Jean Schmidt gets voted out of office in favor of an outsider. Jean always did what the party told her to do. She raised taxes when Bob Taft and Larry Householder told her to. She voted for the Wall Street bailout when Karl Rove and John Boehner told her to. Jean's always been a loyal soldier in the Republican Party, always doing what the party bosses ask her to do. Such loyalty to the party needs to be rewarded or else we will lose our way as a party. I've always done what the Republican Party asked me to do and have fallen on my sword numerous times for the greater good of the Republican Party. I've been rewarded with a high level position in state government safeguarding our democracy. It's too bad the voters had to get all up in arms over some stupid petty things and put a total outsider in office. People whose loyalty is not to the Republican Party will be the Republican Party's great ruin. And if the Republican Party crumbles, then America will crumble, too. I fear for our future. I really do.

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented junkets.

Brad Wemstrip's Campaign Mangler said...

Maybe after Brad and I endure the next 50-odd days before he is crowned Congressman For Life and I am crowned Yes Man With a Six-Figure Salary For Life, and he gets to go on all these junkets, he will take me along too. He needs me for all that important stuff like reminding him to zip up after he returns from the restroom.

The Brauny Man said...

How many illegal foreign contributions has Jean accepted on these trips?

Raj said...

I wish the party would send me on a trip after they screwed me over AGAIN this year.

Live from Motel 6 said...

We're very proud of Jean Schmidt and everything she's done.

Campaign Expert Matheny
F. Lee Czerwonka

Citizens for Tom Weidman said...

This is why I am so proud to have given Jean Schmidt so much dough over the years. Do it up big before you stop living off the taxpayers and special interests, Jean!

PS- be sure to bring me a souvenir so I can remember what it was like being this close to success.

Princess Margaret said...

So tell me, Jean, who smells worse, Turks or west siders?

Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar said...

That broom sure has a lot of miles on it.

LWB III said...

I bet Jean Schmidt knows how to stay out late in a park without getting caught!

Leslie G said...

So, here I am on a Friday night with nothing better to do. You want bitter? I got yer bitter right here!

The anti-women forces in the Republican Party took two races away from me! I should have been chosen over Chris Monzel for County Commissioner! I should have won my re-re-re-election to City Council! Now I have to run for this cockamamie judgeship no one understands.

Then I turn around and watch these evil men defeat my good friend Jean Schmidt! What is this world coming to?

The Republican Party's War Against Women is alive and well and I am living proof of it! (Never mind I am running with their endorsement for the 6th time in my life. They hate women, they really do!)

I should have stayed with my pro-abortion conscience and stuck with Democrats. I could be in Congress by now!



Tracy W said...

Someone needs to stop saying all these nasty things about Republican women or I am going to go tell Alex on all of you!

F Lee Czerwonka said...

Go Jean Go! So glad all that money I gave you helped get you elected to the position you're in now and allowed you to take advantage of these opportunities to travel the world.

And to everyone else, did you see of all the people Alex T could have put on his Facebook hanging with Homer Bailey, he chose me? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Mess with me at your own peril.

Chief Deputy Buttboy Sean Donovan said...

I have been supporting the Cincinnati streetcar for many years. Once we get that in, my good friend Jean Schmidt won't have to travel anywhere else for a magic ride.

Swing Voters said...

Hey, any of you guys know ifMitt Romney is still contesting Ohio?

OFA said...

Thanks everyone for participating on this blog.

OFA had yet another record-breaking weekend of voter contacts while Republicans spent the weeking sniping at each other on fake blogs.

President Obama addressed an adoring crowd of 18,000 people while Mitt Romney could barely get 600 people to an event.

Face it guys, the more people learn about Mitt Romney, the less they like the Republicans.

Ad buy data show that Romney is giving up on Ohio. No surprise to us that a pioneering champion of sending jobs overseas would do so poorly in a state like Ohio.

Enjoy your irrelevancy after Novemeber 6th.

Jason Stewart Be-Clowned said...

I've been keeping a real low profile on Facebook ever since I gave away one of my sources for information I use against the Crime Syndicate calling itself the Republican Party.

Jean Schmidt is the poster child for GOP incompetence cronyism and Republican voters' foolishness in voting for candidates just cuz they claim to be such good Christians and "Great Amurricans."

However, I am proud to call some of the biggest supporters of this blog as my friends and I will be breaking something soon.

My new friend Campaign Expert Matheny has been a Godsend.

Just you wait!

Anonymous said...

I love how our chubby OFA friend thinks that taking less than a minute to post a comment here precludes me from spending numerous daytime hours supporting the candidates of my choice. Mr. OFA spends more time taking one trip to the pantry than most of us spend here in an entire day.

Ad Analyst said...

romney has pulled out of MI and PA. He has sharply dropped his buys in OH, FL, VA. Looks like his overpaid staff, elaborate traveling caravans, legal fees, and other wasted dollars by His Arrogancy are sinking his own ship. Despite raising less money, Obama is actually spending more money getting his message out than Romney is.

Game over, wing it's, just like it was in September 2006 and 2008.

Republicans are even less popular now than they were in 2006 and 2008, and that's without mismanaging a war, covering up for a sexually perverted Congressman, and causing a global financial meltdown.
look on the bright side wing nuts, after 4 years, you will manage to get Indiana and North Carolina back into your column, they were only the two largest states in KKK membership. Heck of a job, guys.

CincyHochscheid said...

"Indiana and North Carolina back into your column, they were only the two largest states in KKK membership"

Which of course, is a good thing.