Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sheriff's Dept abuse costs Hamilton County $110,000

Dear fellow tax hikers, the conduct of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department has cost taxpayers another $110,000.  County Commissioners unanimously approved the payout to settle more abuse charges against the Sheriff.  This is only the latest in such behavior from the Sheriff to cost county taxpayers, and we know there is more to come.  It doesn't bother us one bit.

Sean Donovan is running for Sheriff, citing his many years of experience running the Sheriff's Department.  This is the kind of experience we need!  By managing the office in such a way to require frequent settlements with taxpayer money, Donovan has reliably done his job to further the county's budget crisis and increase the demands to raise our taxes. 

We applaud Simon Leis and Streetcar supporter Sean Donovan for the way they run their Department.  Whether it's blow-up dolls, multiple helicopters, fishing boats, or settlements against them for the laws they break, Donovan and Leis can always be relied upon to find new and inventive ways to spend taxpayer money.

It doesn't stop there.  Leis and Donovan both have been strong supporters of the Cincinnati streetcar.  Leis and Donovan campaigned hard to increase Hamilton County's Sales Tax for a Taj Mahal jail and new social spending programs.  Leis and Donovan both absolutely adore double dipping, and make good use of those double dippers to maintain a huge staff of highly-paid administrators. 

The future of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department is at stake this November.  If you support double dipping, streetcars, higher taxes, and civil rights violations that cost taxpayers dearly, then it's time to get behind Sean Donovan.  We don't want this great Department to change.


YP crowd said...

Once we get that streetcar and new casino Cincinnati will be a beacon of good behavior and we will barely need a jail because everyone will behave themselves.

Alex T said...

Do you really want the DEMOCRATS to have the keys to the county jail?

That's pretty much our entire campaign message right there.

Suburban Democrat said...

Scandal in Auditor's office gave us Dusty Rhodes

Scandals in Commissioner's office gave us Todd Portune and David Pepper

Scandals in Coroner's office gave us O'Dell Owens

Scandal in Recorder's office gave us Wayne Coates

Not one of them has had a hint of scandal themselves.

Looking forward to picking up the Sheriff's office this year.

Republicans make our job so easy.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

Sean baby give me a call. I can help you. I really can. Just ask Jean Schmidt. Or Tom Weidman. Or Virgil Lovitt. Or look at my own race in 2009.

29th District State Rep Crown Prince William said...

I just hope that Sean Donovan doesn't patrol parks as aggressively as his predecessor


OFA said...

Hey, I thought the American people were supposed to rise up against President Obama and vote in a world champion job-killer to turn the economy around?

What gives, wingnuts?

I thought Romeny was somehow going to massively outspend the President and the Democratic Party.

Instead whenever I turn on the TV, I see three ads from our side for every one of yours, and both lame ads you guys are running have already been refuted.

Time for some new material.

The 50s called. They want their mindset back.

CincyDems said...

Just having so much fun tonight watching all the little right-wingers desperately trying to cnvince each other that every single poll is incorrect, that the President is not opening up a commanding lead, and that Romney actually still has something of a chance. Not one independent, reputable pollster is giving Willard even an outside chance of winning this anymore, but in right-wing Bizzarro World, everyone else is always incorrect, immoral, or both.

Anonymous said...

Underemployed Part-time Delivery Boy is spending a LOT of time here to tell us how great things are from his end.

The Obama economy is doing just as poorly for him as it is the other 24 million unemployed and underemployed Americans. Just hang on, our chubby OFA friend. Help is on the way. Romney and his pro-jobs policies will be here soon.

Convert said...

Four years ago I cast my first vote for Barack Obama because I believed in the hope and change he promised. I believed in his plans to turn around the economy and make America more equitable for all of us.

Now I'm an unemployed college graduate living with my parents. This isn't what I voted for. Obama has changed things all right. He's changed them for the worse. I still believe in hope and change, but I also know that we won't get it unless we elect Mitt Romney.

Jim Neal Campaign said...

Thanks Republicans for making our job so easy!

Princess Margaret said...

Sean Donovan is the best there is! I can always count on him to protect me from those smelly, inbred, fat, ugly, disgusting west siders!!

Rob Goering said...

Don't forget about me this year! I know, I know, you see me every four years and then I go dormant. Vote Republican!

Suburban Ex-Republican said...

How many Republican scandals have there been? How few Democratic scandals have there been? I see who wastes my tax dollars and I see who does not. Never thought I'd see the day when Democrats were more responsible than Republicans with my tax dollars. But that day is here.

Not only that, but Republican candidates have absolutely no shame in their never-ending quest to make a living off the taxpayers. Take this candidate you have for coroner, stepping way over the line to attack the professional competence and integrity of a medical professional far more qualified than this guy.


Where does the Hamilton County GOP find all these incapable, unqualified and unprofessional nitwits that they parade around as candidates like they're the Second COming????

Suburban Republican said...

Suburban Democrat wrote: "I see who wastes my tax dollars and I see who does not."

Great point! Let's take the Cincinnati Streetcar, a gigantic waste of $160 million and counting. That is supported by Democrats, Sean Donovan, and Blue Ash Councilmen. Because I don't want to see my tax dollars wasted, I will not be voting for any of them should they ever appear on my ballot.

Ignorant Campaign Commercial Lady said...

I'm voting for Sean Donovan because he'll bring new ideas to the office. Never mind he's been there for about 40 years.