Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chuck Russ for Norwood Mayor

Dear fellow tax hikers, a battle is brewing in the Republican Primary for Norwood Mayor. We proudly endorse Charles "Chuck" Russ for Mayor

When we were advocating for a big 14-year Hamilton County Sales Tax hike to renovate two Cincinnati-owned buildings, including Music Hall, Chuck Russ stood with us.  He backed the plan pushed by the arts advocates, urban hipsters, and us to make Hamilton County pay Cincinnati's bills. 

When we needed him, Russ stood for higher taxes and now we stand for him.

By contrast, his opponent Ken Crawford is an ally of our enemy Chris Monzel and applauded Monzel for his museum compromise.  Monzel has viciously opposed our tax-and-spend agenda for years, opposing our priorities such as the streetcar, jail tax, music hall tax, and freedom center subsidies.  We can't afford someone like Crawford taking a fiscally conservative approach to Norwood when higher taxes is what Norwood citizens deserve to close the city's annual budget gap.

We tax hikers have suffered significant defeats over the past few years.  The ranks of viable tax-and-spend Republican have dimmed precipitously.  We need to build a new generation of good, tax hiking Republicans.  Charles Russ can be one of them - one of us.  We strongly endorse Chuck Russ for Norwood Mayor. 


Princess Maragret said...

Charles Russ isn't one of those fat, smelly, disgusting inbred westsiders, is he? Where is Norwood anyway? I hope it's close to Kenwood and Rookwood, my two favorite places to shop in Cincinnati.

Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

Do you think Chuck will accept my endorsement? Us few remaining GOP tax hikers have to stick together.

Sore LooCzer Wonka said...

Whichever one of you loses tomorrow, I want you to be bitter and angry for the rest of the year. Do not be a good sport and endorse the winner. Only embrace party unity when you are the recipient. That is how we do it in Blue Ash.

Gavin Sheppard said...

Let your bitterness and anger consume you until it nearly costs you your job and then you have to start posting under an assumed name.

The Cultural Facilities Tax Force said...

Chuck's the man