Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hamilton County needs higher taxes now

Recent news articles (such as here, here, and here) have revealed the serious financial problems of our own Hamilton County. Just because Todd Portune has been a Commissioner for 8 years, and been President of the Board for the last 2, does not mean we blame him for this in any way. Sadly our Commissioners are talking about making major spending cuts. This is not necessary.

More than ever, we need tax increases now. We must tax our way out of this problem. If the county commissioners raise taxes now they wouldn't have to make any spending cuts. We expect the citizens would go along with this. Everyone understands that David Pepper and Todd Portune need this money more than the residents do.

We suggest one of the two following tactics to raise taxes:

1) With the support of Virgil Lovitt, immediately implement a Sales Tax increase themselves, without allowing the citizens to vote on it. The Commissioners have the authority to do this.

2) Close down the Queensgate jail. By eliminating hundreds of jail spaces, this will create the public pressure necessary to pass a Jail Tax that we can use to build a new jail and divert money to the operating budget!

These solutions would work. This is no time to cut spending or control costs. Residents must understand that they must do with less so the government can have more.

We almost forgot - we condemn Pat DeWine for his refusal to support tax increases. He should know what all of us here know, that raising taxes is the only acceptable solution to addressing projected budget shortfalls.

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Anonymous said...

Why stop at just the sales tax? In addition to a temporary (HAHAHAHAH) sales tax increase the Board of Commissioners should also adopt an increase in the real estate transfer tax, and should find a way to bump up the rates of every single property tax levy.

The property tax increases might be illegal without a vote of the people, but we should be able to get Norbert Nadel to use some convoluted logic and give us the legal green light. After all, he'll do anything to protect his own spending and the spending of his County cronies.

Hamilton County might need a new Tax Czar to oversee the effort. I hear Virgil Lovitt is looking for a job.