Saturday, November 15, 2008

Save Sean Donovan's job

Hamilton County budget news just gets worse and worse. Now we have discovered that the county administration is recommending that our great Sheriff Simon Leis eliminate his Chief Deputy position, which would mean the loss of our loyal friend and ally Sean Donovan. We must not let this happen. We must unite to save Donovan's job.

Imagine a world where Simon Leis had to get his own coffee. Imagine a world where Simon Leis had to drive his own car. Imagine Si Leis having to show up to events by himself. Imagine what would happen if Simon Leis had to shine his own shoes, pick out his own clothes, and kiss his own ass.

It is more clear than ever why we need to tax our way out of this problem. When you are facing a revenue shortage, the solution is to generate more revenue which means raising taxes. Why don't our leaders get it? Fellow tax hikers - we need you to contact our County Commissioners and explain to them the importance of raising taxes so we can preserve Sean Donovan's important job.


Anonymous said...

Someone should start a petition.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pepper could help him get a job on his parent's private security detail. They employ what, 15-20 people for protection?