Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do not attend COAST's Feb 19th Fundraiser with John Kasich

Fellow tax hikers, later this week a terrible event is taking place in Hamilton County. Our enemies at COAST are having a big fundraiser this February 19th at 6:00 PM at the Montgomery Inn in Montgomery. Tragically, former Congressman John Kasich is headlining the event along with co-host Mary Taylor our State Auditor. We encourage our supporters to boycott this event.

We never liked Kasich or Taylor and this helps prove why. As a Congressman, John Kasich worked tirelessly as Chairman of the House Budget Committee to balance the federal budget without tax increases. When the government needed more money to continue its vast operations, Kasich instead worked to trim the budget. Before he retired the federal government eliminated it's deficit and ran surpluses for several years for the first time in decades. He should apologize to everyone for not raising our taxes when he had the chance.

We especially despise Mary Taylor. As a State Representative she had the audacity to vote against Bob Taft's tax increases. During her run for State Auditor she even bragged about this treachery in her campaign ad! And as Auditor, she has refused to follow Betty Montgomery's practice of giving free passes to big donors like Betty did for her close friend Tom Noe. Taylor has been a detriment to our party. What kind of message does it send when the only Republican elected statewide is a young, attractive, pro-life woman who voted against Bob Taft's agenda and brags about it?

These are the type of people COAST is bringing to Southwest Ohio - Republicans with a long history of cutting spending, opposing tax hikes, and balancing budgets. These are not our values, nor are they the values of the Ohio Republican Party or Hamilton County Republican Party. We support massive tax hikes and big spending increases. Therefore we call on our supporters to boycott this event.

We want the world to see that COAST has no supporters beyond their 5 members. So please don't go. Imagine the harm it would do to our movement if COAST got 75 people to this fundraiser and showed SW Ohio that they had surprising widespread support for their agenda of lower taxes and limited spending.

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Mean Jean Schmidt said...

Anti-tax people make me sick. Mary Taylor makes me sick. I proudly voted for Bob Taft's tax increases. When we needed more votes to pass the Taft agenda, Mary let us down by voting against my man Taft's tax hikes.

I want to throw up every time I see her performing her duties as State Auditor. Republicans who vote against higher taxes have no business being in elected office. Bob Taft's agenda was just what our state needed. I proudly voted for it and I'm still mad at Taylor for opposing it.

This message has not been plagiarized.