Friday, February 20, 2009

Beware of COAST!

Fellow tax-hikers, we have some most disturbing news to report. Our sources indicate to us that there were over 200 people at COAST's fundraiser tonight with John Kasich and Mary Taylor! This is far more support than we ever thought COAST had. We wanted everyone to stay away so people would think they have few members. Boy are we shocked!

This sad development has the potential to impair our movement. What happens if all these COAST people decide to help 2008 Enemy of the Treasury Chris Monzel get re-elected? What if they go after tax-hiker Leslie Ghiz, one of our favorite Republicans? Ghiz's support for Democratic Commissioner David Pepper is an important source of our pro-tax power.

We tax hikers are called to meet this challenge! We must redouble our efforts. We need to expand our ranks. We need to better promote ourselves. We have to count on our great tax hike leaders including 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt, Leslie Ghiz, Bill Seitz, Jean Schmidt, and Bob Taft to lead us.

We ask you tax hikers - what will you do to promote our Republican tax-and-spend movement?


Leslie Ghiz Aziz said...

When you need someone to endorse a Democrat, I'll step up for you!

Virg The Scourge said...

Are there any tax increases I can endorse?

Rhodes Ghosts said...

Rumors of COAST's power are greatly exaggerated. They are a fringe element in a minority party. Our party's leaders need to stop listening to the COAST whiners and losers and need to get back to the tax-hiking principles that made our party what it was in the 70s.