Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alex T follows our lead

Dear fellow tax hikers, we know you share our pride when we see our work being noticed by the people who run our Republican Party. Last week we presented to you compelling profiles of two of this area's greatest tax hikers, Blue Ash City Councilmen Jim Sumner and Rick Bryan. Their efforts to raise taxes for all of Southwest Ohio make them two of the brightest stars in our tax-hiking movement.

Our work was noticed. Less than 10 days later, Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou posted his own profile of Jim Sumner. This is why we are here. We exist to promote higher taxes, to make it the dominant position in the Republican Party, and to promote great tax hikers who loyally work to implement our agenda - tax hikers like Jim Sumner.

The Hamilton County GOP knows a great tax hiker when they see one. It's time to get behind Jim Sumner as he makes his move towards higher office. Sumner has proven his excellent tax-hiking credentials in Blue Ash. Now it's time to let him take his tax-and-spend agenda to a higher level. Jim Sumner for Something 2010!

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Alex Tee said...

Lovitt, Ghiz and Sumner make a great Republican farm team. With Republicans like these people, who needs Democrats?