Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michelle Schneider Fundraiser

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have great news to share! We, the leadership of Republicans for Higher Taxes, have been working very hard this past month on a huge fundraiser and tax rally that we are co-hosting for our good friend Michelle Schneider. We have endorsed Mrs. Schneider in her bid for the State Senate. But we have done more. Much more. We are working to make sure she has all the money she needs to win.

We invite you to the Michelle Schneider fundraiser/tax rally on March 6th at the Kenwood Country Club. Drinks start at 5:00. It is vital we produce a large crowd. Since COAST drew over 200 people to their fundraiser, we must draw more. What would people think if COAST got more people to their fundraiser than an endorsed tax-and-spend Republican could get to theirs? That would make us look bad.

We have attracted an impressive list of tax-hiking Republicans to sponsor this event:

- Congresswoman Jean Schmidt
- Bill Seitz - 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year
- Mary Anne Christie
- Virgil Lovitt - 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year
- Dick Finan
- Stan Aronoff
- Dick Weiland - Lobbyist/Convicted Felon (Tom Noe's unavailable)
- George Vincent
- Alex Triantafilou

Now we need you, and your money too. In the State House Michelle has been a proud supporter of Bob Taft's tax increases, Simon Leis' tax hike, and more taxpayer funding for The Freedom Center. We need her tax-and-spend vote in the State Senate. Come join us on March 6th.

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Anonymous said...

will there be an all-you-can-eat buffet there?