Wednesday, May 13, 2009

David Pepper to run for Auditor

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are very excited by the news that Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper will be running for State Auditor against incumbent Mary Taylor. David A. Pepper has been a strong supporter of higher taxes for Hamilton County residents. When our county's voters rejected a 1/4 Sales Tax hike at the polls, Pepper responded by directly imposing a 1/2 cent Sales Tax increase and not allowing the residents to vote on it! That's our kind of tax hiker.

Mary Taylor had her chance to raise taxes and voted no. Taylor voted against Bob Taft's Sales Tax hike, refusing to carry water for his tax-and-spend agenda. This cannot be tolerated. Both David Pepper and Bob Taft understand that higher taxes make Ohio and Hamilton County prosper. Taft's Sales Tax hike was the catalyst that turned Ohio's economy around and spared us from the economic slump that plagues the rest of the nation.

Furthermore, David Pepper is not a CPA and has no financial training for this position. We think that is a good thing. In Pepper, we would have a State Auditor with no background in Auditing, which we think is great because it ensures that the staff will be able to function without supervisory oversight.

Mary Taylor is a CPA. She has the knowledge to know exactly what her staff is doing. We don't find this kind of hands-on knowledge to be desirable in our officeholders. Pepper's occupation as a lawyer makes him exactly the right choice to be Ohio's Auditor.

Mary Taylor is a CPA and opposed Bob Taft's tax increases. David Pepper is a lawyer who imposed a big Sales Tax hike of his own. We will consider these facts when we choose to make our endorsement in this race. For now, we are putting Mary Taylor on notice that she must embrace the Bob Taft/David Pepper agenda of higher taxes and hands-off supervision if she is to get our support.


Bob Bedinghaus said...

I was proud to support David Pepper in 2006 and I'll support him again. We need more Sales Tax hikers in office.

Virgil Lovitt said...

Where do I sign up to endorse Master Pepper and where do I send my contribution check?

- Virgil Lovitt

Ghizzy Lizzie said...

Now with my secret love David safely out of the Commissioners race I can bring my special brand of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-democrat, pro-streetcar, pro-tax, pro-spend Republicanism County-wide. It'll be like David Pepper never left.
Ghiz for Commissioner in 2010!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you brought up the issue of David Pepper not having a CPA.

David Pepper is rich. He doesn't have to be qualified.

Governor Bob Taft said...

Thanks for creeping in CincyMatuzak. How are things in Loveland? As we share philosophies on increasing taxes and government spending I was hoping to perhaps bring you on my staff. I need a outreach liaison to the other side. From what I hear you could certainly use the work. Hugs and kisses Greg.

Governor Bob Taft

Greg Matusak said...

You Rethugilicans have no idea how high David Pepper will raise taxes when he becomes goveror. He will be the best taxhiker we've ever had, even better than you Governor Taft. Pepper has learned from the best.

Bob Bedinghaus raised the Sales Tax.

Governor Bob Taft raised the Sales Tax.

David Pepper raised the Sales Tax.

Pepper has dutifully followed the policies of Bedinghaus and Taft. Now it's his turn to surpass them. Take that Rethugs!

Kevin Osborne said...

I'd let David Pepper do full body audit on me anyday. He is so cute.