Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leis defends David Pepper's Sales Tax hike

If there are only two things we know about Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper it is this:

1) He loves raising taxes.
2) When he is attacked, an old man will come to his defense.

Usually it is his father, the multi-millionaire John Pepper, who comes running to his defense. But this time it's our dearly beloved Sheriff Simon Leis. It is appalling to see our local Republican Party criticizing Pepper for implementing a big Sales Tax hike without a vote of the citizens, and Leis is correct to defend him.

We are disgusted that party Chairman Alex Triantafilou approved a press release criticizing Pepper for this excellent tax increase. The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of higher taxes. The citizens of Hamilton County didn't deserve to keep that money for themselves, the government needed it more.

This tax issue reveals a huge divide between the two candidates in this race. State Auditor Mary Taylor had her chance to raise Ohio's Sales Tax as she was ordered to do by Governor Bob Taft, but she voted no. David Pepper didn't have to be told twice. When Simon Leis and Todd Portune told him to raise the Sales Tax, Pepper happily voted yes. We are strongly considering an endorsement of Pepper because he is the only candidate in this race who agrees with Bob Taft that raising the Sales Tax is great public policy.


Shankopotomus said...

With Republicans like Leis, Lovitt, Ghiz and Sumner, who needs Democrats?

Anonymous said...

The best part is that Pepper can be succeeded by another GOP tax-hiking star, Leslie Ghiz

Jim Meeker said...

I voted for David Pepper's Sales Tax increase. I'll vote for him for Auditor because we need more tax hikers in office.

Jim Meeker
Commander, Retired
Fort Tree House Division

Paul Bernish said...

Hopefully David can help us secure more State taxpayer money for the Freedom Center. If the taxpayers don't foot the bill for the failing museum I'll be out of a job. Please save me Mr. Pepper!
- Paul Bernish

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

Paul, we are so thankful for your visit here. We're going to help the Freedom Center get the taxpayer money they deserve.

We can't make them attend your museum, but we can make them pay.

Kevin Osborne said...

I have a huge crush on David Pepper. I think short, hefty men are incredibly sexy.

Leslie Ghiz said...

Just because I endorsed David Pepper and helped him defeat my fellow Republican Phil Heimlich shouldn't stand in the way of me running for the seat next year. In fact, it was all part of my ascendancy plan. How else was I going to clear the field?

Kevin Osborne said...

Oh yeah, I like sexy bald bailiffs too.

Publisher John Fox said...

And sexy bald Sheriffs too.