Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jean Staubach, proud tax-hiking champion

We salute Sycamore School Board member Jean Staubach for her long-standing commitment to higher taxes and huge spending. She is a veteran member of a school board that knows the importance of big-time spending. Staubach is working hard to pass the big permanent property tax hike on this Tuesday's ballot and warns of the catastrophic results if it doesn't pass. In a January 7th Enquirer article our Jean stated:

"We need to understand how critical the passage of this levy is,” board member Jean Staubach said.

"This levy, on a certain date, will quit paying $8.8 million, so overnight, we would lose 12 percent of our budget....Pulling 12 percent out overnight would be catastrophic to the district."

And indeed it would. If this levy failed and no other passed in its place, Sycamore's spending would drop from being in the top 5% of Ohio's school districts to the top 10%. Sycamore would only be able to outspend 90% of Ohio's school districts. That would be a huge catastrophe. Jean Staubach and her friends on the board, such as Diane "High Tax" Adamec, know that their meager management skills leave them incapable of delivering strong results with such little money.

Sycamore residents shouldn't demand excellent school board members. What they should do instead is open up their wallets and give the School Board everything it wants. Sycamore must be one of the biggest spending school districts in Ohio to succeed. Top 10% just isn't enough.

Jean Staubach shares the same first name as her political idol Jean Schmidt, and she knows that with that carries the responsibility to always be raising taxes and spending. We are proud of Jean's work. We need you to pass her tax increase, and then make sure she stays on the school board for life. Tax us more!


Congresswoman Jean Schmidt said...

I have taught my girl Jean well. She is becoming as great a tax-hiker as I am. Please everyone, please vote for Jean's tax increase on Tuesday. We all must pay more.

Diane Adamec said...

Thank you Republicans for Higher Taxes for all your great work on our behalf. I hope everyone heeds your warning.

It would be a huge catasrophe if we didn't get this extra money. We wouldn't have any idea what to do if we only had enough money to outspend 90% of Ohio's schools. All we know how to do is spend. Please help us keep spending by passing our tax levy.

Diane Adamec
Sycamore School Board Vice President

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you guys for allowing comments on here. Chairman Alex could learn a thing or two from you. I can't wait to see you spread the Gospel of more taxes on the west side soon. We have a lot of enemies of the treasury here.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

We pride ourselves on having a very open comment policy. Our comment policy can be boiled down to one sentence - we'll publish it if it doesn't get us sued or goes far off topic. That's the kind of people we are.

We know that our pro-tax and pro-spend arguments are superior to anything from the other side. So we say let them debate here. We know that our tax-and-spend Republicanism cannot be challenged.

Now everyone get out tomorrow and vote for those taxes!