Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forest Hills Schools make cuts

With great sadness we have read that the Forest Hills Schools have been forced to cut $12 million over the next four years from their budget because of May's failed levy. This includes cutting back personnel. We reprimand the voters of this school district for refusing to obey their School Board's demands. When a School Board wants more money, you should give it to them, no questions asked.

We call on Forest Hills to try to raise taxes again this November! We were proud to endorse the last attempt, but we should have done more. This time we will put our mighty weight behind this issue and work overtime to make sure Forest Hills residents pay higher taxes.

We also encourage tax-and-spend Republican Randy Smith to take over the campaign and put his tax-hiking skills to good use. There are few finer tax-hikers in Hamilton County than our friend Randy Smith. He is one of the best tax-and-spend Republicans we have and he's only going to get better.

These cuts will be horrible. Teachers will only have one period off instead of two! Can you believe that? And even worse, teachers will have to man the cafeteria and recess instead of take a break in the lounge. Those are horrific working conditions!

These are the consequences of refusing to support big tax increases. Because you voters refused to tighten your belt, the government has to tighten their own belt. We expect the residents of this school district to see the error of their ways and vote for a big tax increase this November.


High Tax Adamec said...

We are experts at raising taxes. We'd be happy to show the Forest Hills schools how it's done.

Diane Adamec

David A. Pepper said...

I'm so upset by this brazen attack on tax increases that I may consider selling my property in the Forest Hills School District.
If a taxing authority loses its ability to take the money of taxpayers at will society wil crumble.

Some have suggested that if everyone who voted for the tax increase would simply write a check for the amount they would have paid fo the new tax to the school district we could avoid any spending cuts. These people are misguided and are missing the point:
1) Government should never have to reduce spending for any reason ever.
2) Even though I'm very wealthy and can easily afford to pay a $500-$1000 tax increase, I will not pay extra unless the poorer members of society pay along with me.

David A. Pepper

Leslie Ghiz said...

What David said.

Kevin Osborne said...

Hmmmm. Chris Finney lives in this school district. The levy failed.

That's it, I'm writing another article bashing White Chocolate Chris Finney and Black Chocolate Chris Smitherman. What a shame such hot sexy men can't be radical liberals like me.