Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Support a brand new Library Tax

Fellow tax hikers, one of the biggest travesties in Hamilton County is that we don't pay a Library Tax. But now we can end this abomination! Our local library system is going to place a nice big tax levy on the ballot. We could not be more excited.

If this passes we get to pay yet another tax and see our taxes rise again. You can not keep a good tax down. We cannot begin to tell you how vital it is to start a new Library Tax.

If this tax fails, Hamilton County might not continue to rent CD's free of charge. Nobody (except Hamilton County property owners) should have to pay money to listen to Fitty Cent and Kanye West. And what about all the Hollywood movies that library patrons can currently rent for free? If this levy fails, they might have to pay $1 for those movies at Netflix and that would be awful!

Hamilton County citizens have a right to enjoy free movies and free music CD's. Except the ones who own property. We do not expect the library to charge $1 for this valuable service. We expect you to pay for instead through higher taxes. Republicans for Higher Taxes is proud to endorse the new Library Tax, and before you know it we're going to roll out endorsements from our tax-and-spend Republican friends.


Michelle Schneider said...

We are so fortunate to have these wonderful repositories of free video rentals and places for the homeless to camp out during the day while the shelters are closed.

I will be proudly voting to raise my taxes so I can do my part for the homeless.

Can I count on your support?

Rick Bryan said...

Where can I endorse this tax increase?

Abused Middle Class Taxpayer said...

You people are insane. I'm all for keeping the libraries open and allowing them to continue providing free services in accordance with its mission.

But it's offensive that I'm being asked to pay higher taxes so other people can continue renting video games, movies, and CD's for free. Nothing is actually free, someone has to pay for all this stuff. The library should have enough integrity to push the costs of their commercial entertainment products to those using them before they come to confiscate what's left of my paycheck.

Virgil Lovitt, Taxhiker of the Year said...

I never met a tax I didn't want to hike. Let's go Library!

liberalsrcrap said...

Did Big Tax Bill Seitz come out in favor of this tax yet? Bill never met a tax he didn't like. Maybe Bill has not come out supporting it yet because he might not want people to read about all the taxes he has voted for so maybe he wants all the folks in Wessen Hills to remain unable to read.