Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monzel to oppose tax hikes

Dear fellow tax hikers, Chris Monzel must be stopped. With tax-and-spend Democrats and tax-and-spend Republicans working hard to raise taxes in Cincinnati, Chris Monzel has had the nerve to sign a pledge opposing all new tax increases! What's worse, this pledge is being sponsored by our enemies at COAST. We support higher taxes, COAST opposes them.

We need higher taxes in Cincinnati. The income tax is only 2.1% and the Cincinnati Public Schools haven't raised property taxes enough. We are heartened to hear that tax-and-spend liberal Greg Harris wants Council to look at bringing back the Trash Tax. This would be a sensible way to take more money from the residents of Cincinnati.

Monzel's treachery has gone too far. This is the latest in a long list of efforts of his to oppose higher taxes. Each year Monzel introduces a motion to freeze property taxes. We should be paying higher property taxes every year! In 2007 he broke ranks and opposed the Leis/Pepper/Portune Sales Tax Hike. Last year he opposed Red Light cameras in spite of our endorsement, and recently he opposed the Administration's effort to impose a Trash Tax.

Monzel's efforts to oppose higher taxes earned him our 2008 Enemy of the Treasury award. Monzel has consistently opposed efforts to raise taxes on Cincinnati residents and homeowners. For that he must be stopped.


Leslie Ghiz Aziz said...

Chris Monzel will be sorry when I get elected County Commissioner.

scott gehring said...

We NEED higher taxes! That's why I will be working with all my sex-offender clients from Volunteers of America to send "Ice Cream Boy" Monzel packing.

HamCo taxpayer said...

If Leslie Ghiz is our County Commissioner then we'll all be sorry.

Dusty said...

All we need is a just little more money to fix all of our problems. Why do politicians think they know better than than the citizens? Everyone needs to pay their fair share and some shares are larger more fair because they make more. After all, how can be bring the bottom up unless we bring the top down?