Friday, June 5, 2009

Interest groups rally for tax hikes at State House

Fellow tax hikers, it warms our hearts to see our brothers and sisters rally for higher taxes! According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer's politics blog, special interest groups organized a tax rally on the Statehouse lawn to tell our state government to raise taxes! We are very encouraged by this development. This shows that our movement's work to bring higher taxes and more spending to Ohio is paying off.

Ohio could be facing a budget shortfall. That might force us to cut spending, and we know we can't accept that. We must raise taxes to ensure we can continue to grow the government. Ted Strickland and his tax-and-spend friends need this money more than you do.

Six years ago Ohio faced a similar situation. We were fortune then to have the great Bob Taft as our Governor and a like-minded tax-and-spend Republican legislature who understood that raising taxes and raising spending were the best solutions to every problem. They had the courage to raise taxes. As a result of this brave act Ohio's economy is better than ever and our jobless rate is only 10%.

Bob Taft was the greatest Governor our state has ever had, and his excellence has given way to a tremendous group of tax-and-spend Republicans behind him. We will never be fortunate enough to have Taft as our Governor again, but his pro-tax spirit lives on with great Republicans such as Jean Schmidt, 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt, Jon Husted, Michelle Schneider, and 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year Bill Seitz.

We join our comrades and renew our call for Ohio's leaders to do the right thing and raise taxes. These tax increases could be just as great for Ohio as Bob Taft's tax hikes were. Don't let us down.


CityBeat Publisher John Fox said...

One thing Ohio could do with the increased taxes is erect statues of Adolf Hitler across the state. I love Hitler and everything he stands for.

Bob Morningwood said...

I think in our current climate and with this President, statues of Lenin or Marx would serve a much better purpose. We need to rally people around the idea of collectivism and everyone doing & giving their fair share. If we put up statues of Hitler it will only encourage the war-mongers among us. We must stay focused on Marx & Lenin.

Michelle Schneider said...

When I get elected to the State Senate next year, I promise, we're going to raise Ohio's taxes through the roof. I voted for Governor Bob Taft's massive tax hikes as a State Rep and I'll be even more productive as a State Senator.

Soldier on my fellow comrades. Help is on the way.

Leslie Ghiz said...

I'm leading a green convoy of Toyota Prius's up to Columbus to support this great casue. Who's with me?

Liz Ghiz-Aziz