Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 Election Housekeeping items

Dear fellow tax hikers, a few items for your review:

1. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes promise to update this blog regularly through Election Day. We realize we had a slow August and September but we would never abandon you when you need us most. Our coverage will be top notch for the rest of the election cycle.

2. We want to involve YOU in our 2009 election coverage. In this a year of local elections, we need more tips in order to expand our local coverage. Southwest Ohio has dozens and dozens of communities and we can't know what's going on in all of them. This is where you come in. We want all of you, our loyal readers, to direct us to the stories that matter most.

Does your local government have a great tax hiker like Cheviot Mayor Sam Keller? Let us know and give us the scoop on him/her, and we may be able to write a profile for them. Does your community have an important tax increase on the ballot in a few weeks? Email us the information so we can give it the endorsement it deserves! Remember fellow tax hikers: the city of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Public Schools are the only local governments that are broadly covered by the media. We need you to fill in the rest for us.

3. We are down to our final 2 candidates for our most prestigious Tax Hiker of the Year for 2009. Our Executive Committee will make a final decision in the next couple weeks and announce the winner shortly!

4. In the next few days, we will announce a brand new feature to our site. It absolutely rocks! We can't wait to show you this awesome feature.

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