Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rick Bryan for Blue Ash City Council

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to issue our strongest possible endorsement to Blue Ash City Councilman Rick Bryan. Of all the suburban city councilmen and township trustees, Rick Bryan is simply the best tax hiker we have. It is vitally important that he be re-elected to the Blue Ash City Council so that their city's government can continue to operate under Rick's awesome tax-and-spend leadership. Consider the Rick Bryan record:

1. Like Ohio's former Attorney General Marc Dann, Rick Bryan publicly endorsed the big Sales Tax increase for Hamilton County. Sadly, the voters did not agree and opposed Rick's tax hike with 56% of the vote.

2. Rick voted for and publicly endorsed the 25% Earnings Tax hike for the lucky citizens and workers in Blue Ash.

3. Endorsed the huge Hotel/Motel tax increase earlier this decade championed by Bob Taft and 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt. Rick has continued over the years to support the political career of fellow tax hiker Virg Lovitt.

4. Rick has been heavily influential in the selection of Sycamore School Board members, such as our tax-and-spend superhero Diane Adamec, and a strong supporter of their big-spending policies which have led them to spending more money per student than nearly every school district in Ohio.

5. In the 2008 primary, Rick Bryan proudly announced his opposition to our anti-tax enemy Pat DeWine. Even though DeWine crushed his opponent, Bryan did the right thing. DeWine disobeyed party leaders, and actively opposed that Sales Tax increase. DeWine should have been severely punished for opposing higher taxes and not doing what he's told by party elders.

6. Finally, we are delighted that Rick has been an active participant in the mustache power that has swept our political structure in Hamilton County. You cannot fight the 'stache.

As you see, Rick Bryan has been a fantastic tax hiker and big spender over the last decade on the Blue Ash City Council. When you need someone to raise your taxes, increase spending, and enforce strict discipline against dissent, there is no finer choice in Northeast Hamilton County than Rick Bryan. We strongly support his re-election as Blue Ash Ward 3 City Councilman and hope to see him run for higher office soon.


Rick Bryan admirer said...

What the residents love most is when he votes on issues that will positively enhance the wallets of his "friends". Even though he knows that the BA residents think highly of him for doing this, he wanted to make sure he wasn't doing anything illegal and consulted his attorney. So, with the backing of the residents, the overwhelming response of "absolutely not!" to the question of "This is unethical!", and the go ahead from his attorney, he still plans on doing this in the future. What a wonderful poster child for the Republican party. They must be proud!

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to see that Rick Bryan stood with Marc Dann, David Pepper, and Todd Portune to raise our Sales Tax. That's just what this county needed as it was heading into a recession.

Rick Bryan for Blue Ash Council!

Anonymous said...

The 'stache is the official facial hair of Blue Ash elected officials.