Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ghiz helps Democrat Berding and Charterite Bortz

Dear fellow tax hikers, by now all of you are aware of our deep infatuation with Cincinnati City Councilman Leslie Ghiz. Ghiz is a great embodiment of the values we espouse - higher taxes, more spending, voting for streetcars, and supporting great Democrats like David Pepper and Jeff Berding. We could not be more proud of her recent efforts to help Democrat Jeff Berding and Charterite Chris Bortz raise money for their campaigns. We are thankful of the invitation we got from Ghiz inviting us to the Tri-Partisan fundraiser thrown for her, Berding, and Bortz.

We are especially proud of her attack against our 2008 Enemy of the Treasury Chris Monzel. In her newsletter, Ghiz invited us to, "a Cocktail Reception to Meet the Three Most Qualified Members of City Council". Thank you Ghiz for telling the truth about that awful Monzel. Monzel opposed the Sales Tax hike, opposes city property tax hikes, stood against implementing a trash tax, voted against the great streetcar plan, voted against subsidizing The Freedom Center, and even voted against a $65,000 flyover to see the city's trees from above.

Some are criticizing Leslie Ghiz for helping non-Republicans during this campaign season, but why shouldn't she? Ghiz, Berding, and Bortz share so much in common:

- Each endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner.
- Each endorsed Pepper's Sales Tax increase.
- Each voted to send $800,000 of taxpayer dollars to The Freedom Center.
- Each voted for the Streetcar plan that will save our city.
- Each opposes Issue 9, which could kill our great streetcar idea.

We agree with Ghiz that sometimes you have to support Democrats to get the higher taxes that our government deserves. We, afterall, had to endorse Barack Obama and Todd Portune to ensure we all keep paying more taxes. We strongly applaud Leslie Ghiz for slamming Chris Monzel and helping her Democrat friends get elected.


Virgil Lovitt said...

I'll be holding a joint fundraiser with Roxanne Qualls, and Laketa Cole.

Alex T. said...

I am so proud of my young progeny. She represents the future of the Hamilton County GOP, where our motto is "assimilate & capitulate."

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is the "new and improved" Leslie Ghiz that Alex T and her campaign buttboy were promising? She's gone from endorsing David Pepper to supporting Berding and Bortz while slamming Monzel, some improvement.

Paul said...

Seems to me that there are better ways to make a positive impact than hiding behind a blog. If you had any guts or value to add, you would make a run yourself or reallocate your time to a cause other than your self-righteousness.

Anonymous said...

Paul translated: "Shut up shut up shut up! You have no right to comment on anything. Blogs are pointless. (except when I have something to say)"

Eugene said...

If Virgil Lovitt was holding a tri-partisan fundraiser, Todd Portune would have to be in the mix.

Scott G said...

Don't foget that Ghizzy, Bortz, and Berding have also worked hard to keep the money flowing to Volunteers Of America so I can keep providing hands-on treatment to my sex-offender clients.

Leslie Asiz Ghiz said...

Just because I am a Republican doesn't mean anything.