Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheviot endorsements

Dear fellow tax hikers, after hours of research and some excellent tips from our supportive tax hikers in Cheviot, we are prepared to release our 2009 Cheviot endorsements. The big contested races are Ward Council seats and city Treasurer.

Cheviot has set a fine example for the rest of SW Ohio about the importance of raising taxes. Earlier this year the Cheviot Mayor and City Council unanimously backed a huge property tax increase, and with our endorsement it passed. Cheviot citizens will get to pay the higher taxes they deserve. With these taxes, Cheviot continues to inch closer and closer to their city leadership's long-term goal of becoming Cincinnati West. Our endorsements are as follows:


Republicans for Higher Taxes proudly endorses incumbents Deborah McKinney (R-Council President), Ryan Zech (R-1st Ward) and Jim Sunderhaus (D-3rd Ward) for re-election. When you needed higher taxes the most, these three answered the call. They voted to move that property tax hike forward, then they worked hard to campaign for it. These are our kind of tax hikers. We strongly encourage all of Cheviot's residents to reward them for raising taxes, and then ask them to raise those taxes some more.


We strongly support tax-hiker Michael Murray (D) for this key post. Murray joined with his fellow Democrats and tax-and-spend Republicans to support this big property tax increase, while his opponent Charlie Norman did not. We will not tolerate Norman's independence or his opposition to higher taxes.

Norman is an aide to Judge Pat DeWine, one of our most notable enemies. In addition to his work helping DeWine implement his limited government agenda, Norman refused to support Cheviot's big property tax hike and he strongly opposed the big Sales Tax increase that we enthusiastically supported. Charlie Norman is cut from the same cloth as Steve Chabot, Chris Monzel, and DeWine. We don't need any more of those fiscal conservatives in office, Norman must be stopped now. We issue a strong endorsement for Murray for Treasurer.


Barking Blue Dog said...

Surely you'll be endorsing Assessment Sam Keller in his next Cheviot Mayoral bid. He's cut from the same cloth as Lil Stevie Driehaus, Todd Portune, and Virgil Lovitt. When higher taxes called, Keller answered - again, and again, and again.

Governor Bob Taft said...

Cheviot needs higher taxes, and we need to do everything in our power to support the politicians thath maintain them! Nothing is more important to the survival of a first-ring suburb than high taxes. When I think about what local elected officials need to do to revitalize their Cities the first thing that comes to mind is creating an uncompetitive tax situation.

the Hat Guy said...

I saw down with conservatives like Charlie Norman and Steve Chabot. We need more people like Leslie Ghiz in elected office who aren't afraid to stand up for abortion rights, supporting democrats, and special rights for homosexuals. We need to drum out the Chabots, Normans, DeWines, and Monzels.

They have no place in our big tent where ALL are welcome not matter what you believe.

fed up Hamilton County voter said...

I am so tired of these so-called Republicans who constantly raise taxes every time they get a chance. This is why not only the people on the right, but the people in the middle are abandoning the Republican Party. You make it hard for us to believe your supposed belief in fiscal conservatism. I don't live in Cheviot, but if I did my only vote would be for Norman.

Anonymous said...

Well I DO live in Cheviot, and I won't be voting for Norman. He's a brash prick.

Courthouse Lady said...

I don't know what your problem is, but you obviously don't know Charlie. He's one of the most likeable people I've ever met. He's well thought of, and well-respected in and out of the office. I'd support Charlie for anything any day.

Anonymous said...

Boss Hog Keller runs Cheviot with an iron fist. When Keller says jump the tax hikers on both sides of the aisle say "how high?".