Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Livin' La Vida Leslie

Dear fellow tax hikers, the news that singer Ricky Martin has come out of the closet means that the Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner campaign has picked up another supporter! As her last name would imply, Ghiz (pronounced: 'Jizz') has been a strong supporter of the homosexual community and they have been equally supportive of her. This is but one of the reasons that we support her so strongly.

Ghiz has proudly accepted the endorsement of the pro-gay group Equality Cincinnati in prior campaigns. For years Leslie has been strongly supported by the gay group Log Cabin Republicans. They became her number one fan when she strongly criticized the conservative group Citizens for Community Values for taking out a newspaper ad opposing new gay rights, as Ghiz stated they should have spent the money on children.

We have no doubt that Leslie Ghiz spends her campaign money on children rather than on her own campaign, just like she expects of others. Since Ghiz is no hypocrite, she will be unable to afford tv spots or mail pieces for this campaign and must depend on a grassroots campaign of homosexuals and tax-hikers to get her message out.

One of the reasons Leslie is running for County Commissioner is to expand gay rights countywide just like she did for Cincinnati. At a recent campaign forum Ghiz strongly hinted that she would join with Todd Portune to implement domestic partners coverage for the lovers of gay county employees. Maybe they can even raise taxes to pay for it!

When you think of gay, think of Ghiz. We strongly support Leslie Ghiz for Commissioner because of her support for gay rights, domestic partners, higher taxes, big spending on projects like the streetcar, and her strong endorsement of Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006. Gays for Ghiz!


Kevin Osborne said...

This Ghiz sounds like a great woman for everything she does for our community. And I hate Chris Finney. It's time for another article about him. I can't stand it when blacks and Whites work together.

Log Cabin Republicans said...

She has earned our endorsement every single year! You Go Girl!

R Schwartz said...

For me, this is a very special issue.

Citybeat Publisher John Fox said...

At Citybeat we love the homosexual community as much as we hate the Jews.

Ted Jackson said...

Sure wish I still lived in Ohio so I could vote for Leslie.