Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monzel declares his run for County Commissioner

Dear fellow tax hikers, earlier today our enemy Chris Monzel officially declared his run for County Commissioner. We are disgusted by his entry into this race and are even more disgusted at some of the things he said today at his kickoff event. In today's Enquirer Politics blog article, Monzel is quoted saying, "Monzel promised he’d work for limited government, freedom from excessive taxation and common sense."

We are completely against limited government, common sense, and freedom from excessive taxation! We believe in higher taxes and bigger government. Monzel has been nothing but a thorn in our tax-hiking side.

Monzel voted against the Mark Mallory $200 million streetcar plan. Monzel was the only member of City Council to oppose David Pepper's $800 million Sales Tax increase. He has voted against all efforts to subsidize the Freedom Center. And unlike Leslie Ghiz, Monzel even endorsed the re-election of Republican Phil Heimlich over David Pepper!

We will not tolerate Monzel's support for lower taxes and limited government, and his refusal to endorse pro-tax Democrats like David Pepper. We need great Republicans like Leslie Ghiz who will vote for Streetcars, who will raise our Sales Tax, and who will proudly endorse a great Democrat like David Pepper so Democrats can control the Commission. Whatever you do, don't vote for Chris Monzel for County Commissioner. Let's vote for higher taxes instead.


Charles G3 said...

Where is our good chairman in all of this? Doesn't he realize we are supposed to be the high-tax party?

I hear there are members if his hand-picked executive committee who are openly supporting Chris Monzel! What is up with that?

Next thing you know, our loyal courthouse workers, who used to always do what they're told, will support this clown Monzel.

What is this world coming to? It's time for our chairman to grow a pair! How can he expect to show his face at the Queen City Club next week?

Progressive Pete said...

We cannot let all of our hard work and plans be ruined by the likes of Chris Monzel. That Commission seat belongs to Leslie Ghiz. She helped earned it four years ago by helping David Pepper beat Phil Heimlich. Now it is her turn to be Commissioner. Pepper's seat should rightfully go to Ghiz. Her policies will more closely mirror those of David and will not let the county shift back to the right. She will help keep it left of center, where it belongs.

Marge W said...

I really wish Chairman Alex would make it official and come out strong for his good friend and mine Leslie Ghiz. That way, I could proclaim my support for Leslie out in the open. Sneaking around trying to help is not very ladylike and it is really cutting into my tanning and shopping time.

Matt said...

Who do Chris Monzel and all his conservative supporters think they are? Monzel will not get selected to be the Republican nominee. He is a conservative. And he even endorses other Republicans! That will never be the future of the Republican Party.

I'm voting for Leslie Ghiz because of her endorsement of David Pepper and her support for higher taxes and the downtown Streetcar. That's the real future of the GOP. Go Ghiz!

Mary Anne Man Hater said...

We don't need no conservative man to represent my great party. We need a good woman like Ghiz!

Reporgasmic Writers said...

This blog, along with the Cincinnati Enquirer and CityBeat, understand that the only way for the Republican Party to remain credible and relevant in Hamilton County is to support candidates like Leslie Ghiz. We need Republicans who understand the need for higher taxes and who can endorse our favorite Democrats as well. We stand 100% behind you and we pledge to pull out all the stops for our girl Leslie.

What's a journalist's job, anyways, other than making sure that we maintain two political parties, each committed to the cardinal virtues of higher taxes, abortion on demand, and gay marriage? I mean, what else really matters, to our community and to the future of the Republican Party, if it wants to stay in business?

Go Leslie! You and Jean Schmidt have, and will always have, our full, unconditional support!

PS, is that dreamy guy Matt who works for you still single?