Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Support the Streetcar, No on 48

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight we reiterate our strong support for the $130 million Cincinnati streetcar.  As the streetcar's leading advocate, we call on everyone to stand with us again as we move forward on this 19th Century transportation method. 

This fall Cincinnati residents will have a chance to vote on the streetcar.  Issue 48 is an effort by our enemies at COAST and elsewhere to ban the streetcar for 9 years.  To save the streetcar, we strongly endorse a NO vote on Issue 48.  A recent article reveals where each City Council candidate stands on this important issue. 

The streetcar will do so many good things.  Due to space limitations we'll limit ourselves to some of the best ones:

- Roxanne Qualls says the streetcar will create jobs, just like she promised the stadiums would create jobs.

- The streetcar will repopulate Over the Rhine.  There are so many people who would move to good ole' OTR, if only it had a streetcar. 

- It will provide more transportation options and attract "choice riders".  Buses have too many minorities and poor people to make these all-important "choice riders" feel comfortable.  A streetcar gets rid of these undesirables.  White YP's deserve something for themselves.  With a streetcar they can finally start leaving their gas-guzzling SUV's in the garage. 

- With the streetcar, Cincinnati can "move forward".  Nothing moves you forward like bringing back 19th Century technology.

We are very excited to spend $130 million on a 3 mile loop through Over the Rhine.  This streetcar will do almost as many good things for Cincinnati as the two stadiums have done for Hamilton County.  But to build this streetcar, we must defeat Issue 48.  Save the streetcar!  Vote No on 48!


Riding in Brad Thomas' Car said...

Thank you for your leadership on this issue. We deserve that streetcar.

Snobby Downtown Young Professional said...

I'm completely in favor of streetcars as long as there are no minorities. Buses with minorities are totally gross.

Governor Candace Klein said...

Like, when I'm Governor, I'll totally make this my super-duper top priority. Wouldn't that be kewl?

Mrs. Marge Wuellner said...

You go girls! Just make sure I can take the streetcar to Kenwood Towne Centre for my next daytime shoe-shopping excursion! And I don't want any smelly west-siders riding it either!

Katy Croissant said...

Damn right. We at CincyPAC totally support the streetcar, as well as our right to eat on it.

Anonymous said...

I liked the point about bringing us back to 19th century emissions for cleaner air. I had never thought of that before. I was going to support issue 48. But now that I know Republicans are so passionately against it, I will stand with you & vote NO on issue 48!