Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tax Our Trash, No on 47

Dear fellow tax hikers, we alert you to one of the most dangerous issues to hit the people's ballot in years.  Cincinnati voters will be deciding the fate of Issue 47, which would ban the city from taxing your trash.  This amendment is a bunch of garbage!

We strongly endorse a NO vote on Issue 47.  Nobody should be able to throw something away without paying a tax to the government.  We want our garbage to be taxed.  Don't you?

We condemn the NAACP and COAST for their work in getting this to the ballot.  Only an extremist would oppose a trash tax ban.  Cincinnati needs this money.  You don't.  Tax our trash, No on 47.


Christopher Seelbach said...

Did you guys hear my wonderful idea? I want to tax your trash, and I'd like to tax it by weight, so the more you throw the more you pay.

I do not believe this would lead to people throwing trash in their neighbor's can, or just resorting to litter. No, in my world everyone will play by the rules.

Vote for ME, Chris Seelbach. Because I'll build the streetcar and tax your trash!

Katy Croissant said...

Like, I really want my trash to be taxed. But I don't think it should be charged by weight. That is totally discriminatory to big-boned people.

Undercover Mayor Mallory said...

No big deal. My Mommy and Daddy take care of the household bills anyway. I'm never moving out!