Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oppose Jeffry Smith for Green Township Trustee

Dear fellow tax hikers, it is a matter of extreme importance that we stop citizen activist Jeffry Smith from getting elected Green Township Trustee.  Mr. Smith's advocacy for good government and against nepotism is unacceptable and has caused much discomfort for the elite ruling class of this fine township.  Mr. Smith's crimes against our allies in the tax-and-spend movement are severe and disqualify him from serving the public.

1)  Jeffry Smith is the peasant who uncovered the truth behind the hiring of Jennifer Triantafilou for a job she's completely unqualified to hold, and in fact did not apply for until nearly 2 weeks after the application deadline.  Mr. Smith compiled the public documents and posted them on his site to show her lack of qualifications and the political reasons behind the hire.  The Green Township Trustees bypassed many qualified candidates to hire the wife of Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou in order to gain political favor down the road.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes think there is nothing wrong with hiring well-connected political wives for jobs they aren't capable of performing.

2)  Smith discovered that the Nathanael Greene Lodge has been losing an average of $200,000 per year.  This lodge is co-run by Allison Detzel, who happens to be the daughter of Trustee Tracy Winkler.  Smith thinks something is wrong with this.  We don't have any problem with hiring an elected official's daughter to lose a ton of money for the Township.

3)  We are especially disappointed that Smith has criticized the Trustees for shutting down public comments at their Township meetings.  Why would any elected official care what regular citizens have to say about their government?  The Green Township Trustees sure don't care.  Smith should apologize for insisting that he and his fellow citizens have a right to be heard at their local government meetings.

Do you want a representative who lets you speak at government meetings?  Then don't vote for Smith.  Do you have a problem with Trustees hiring their children to lose taxpayer money?  Then don't vote for Smith, he'll hire someone who can do the job.  Do you support hiring the Party Chairman's wife for a job she's incapable of performing?  Then don't vote for Smith, he'll hire qualified personnel instead.  

Whatever you do, don't vote for Jeffry Smith.  There are too many relatives of political officials whose patronage jobs depend on it.


Obedient Green Township resident said...

Jeffry Smith needs to sit down, shut up, and do what he's told! He has no right to address his elected officials and definitely has no business criticizing them.

We in Green Township don't want elected officials who think for themselves. We want officials who hire their relatives and do what they're told. Smith needs to learn how to obey.

Sir Judge Ted Lancealot Winkler said...

Jeff Smith has crossed the line. Nobody challenges a Winkler and gets away with it. I challenge him to a duel!

Princess Margaret said...

Being a Winkler means never having to admit you made a mistake. We're Republican Royalty and you're all the ones with the problems. Smelly West Siders.

Katy Croissant said...

I had THE WORST nightmare last night. I was sitting down for dinner at the Greene Lodge and got attacked by a salad and glass of water.

I had to console myself with a pint of double chocolate ice cream and then I couldn't get back to sleep.

Jeffry K. Smith said...

(channeling T. Winkler) I challenge you RfHT people to a duel!

(just kidding!)

dennis bausch said...

all kidding aside,we the people of greed township, need new and responsive leadership.
fresh voices like mr. smith's are needed.

dennis bausch

Republican Party King-makers said...

Sure Tracy Winkler is completely incompetent as a Township Trustee, but wait until you see how she'll perform with hundreds of employees under her as Clerk of Courts.

Tea Party Tim said...

This is the very kind of abuse of taxpayer dollars *OUR* leaders should be protesting. Unfortunately, the Tea Party leadership sold out our movement so that Mike Wilson could get a state legislative seat handed to him on a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

And now that the political payoff has been made, at taxpayer expense, we have Tracy Winkler in yet another position for which she is totally qualified...not!

Her face and name has been plastered across the website and paperwork of the Clerk of Courts, and now all of those who do business with the court system in Hamilton County will be forced to change all of their forms, and paperwork, to bear the name of Her Highness. After all, we the people need to pay for her name recognition, just as we do for the other slugs in public offices.

How about this...a law that an elected official may place their name only upon their business cards, in the phone directory, and on the door outside of their office.

Anonymous said...

Do not fret...the Winkler/Try-a-folly-you-fools saga will continue. There are dozens of jobs to be doled out by the Clerk of Courts!