Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chabot stops federal streetcar funding

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are furious at Congressman Steve Chabot for his efforts denying Cincinnati any further funding for our beloved streetcar.  Chabot introduced an amendment on the House floor prohibiting any further federal dollars for this great project and it passed on a voice vote. See his offensive anti-streetcar speech for yourself.

Doesn't Chabot know that our Republican candidate for Sheriff Sean Donovan fully supports the Cincinnati streetcar?  Chabot insults us all when he calls it a "luxury project" and a "streetcar to nowhere".  We can't think of anything we'd rather spend with our tax dollars than a $160 million streetcar that travels less than 4 miles round trip.

Tax-hiking goddess Roxanne Qualls correctly calls this "an outrageous interference in local government decision-making".  She is 100% correct.  Nothing exemplifies local decision-making like demanding federal subsidies.

According to the 1st article we linked, the streetcar has already received $49.8 million in federal funding.  That's not enough.  In the name of "local decision-making" we demand that all U.S. taxpayers give more.  We cannot expect Cincinnati to pay for their own streetcar.  Everyone else must pay.


Anonymous said...

If Roxanne Qualls wants this "local control", then fund the streetcar through local dollars. Leave the rest of the country out of it.

Roxy and her band of merry Council Democrats said...

We hope no one calls us out for being the hypocrites we are for all those meaningless resolutions in city council weighing-in on federal issues that we have ZERO control over. We love passing those things. It makes us feel good and it looks like we're important - especially mayor Markie.

Green Township Republican said...

Maybe the Streetcar could use all that trash from Mount Rumpke in the middle of Colerain Township as fuel. Then maybe the big stinking pile of garbage would be good for something besides fouling our air. We need to step in and fix that stench emanating from Colerain Township since they love their garbage there.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Chabot know that Craig and Tabby Hochscheid need that streetcar to get to the dang buffet? Touch me, I'm fat!