Monday, July 9, 2012

New Hamilton County GOP Executive Director

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have wonderful news to share.  Our good friend Ashwin Corattiyil has been promoted to Executive Director of our Hamilton County Republican Party.  We have been strong supporters of Ashwin ever since he was selected to his first party job late last year.

Our beloved Chairman Alex Triantafilou stated:  "In late 2011, the Party was lucky to find someone of Ashwin's background and skills to take on this important job in a presidential election year."  We could not agree more.  Ashwin's background is indeed fantastic.

Ashwin spent all of 2004 working for the John Kerry for President campaign!  Kerry was his top choice among the Democratic hopefuls "because he thought that Kerry had the best chance of beating Bush". 

Through August 2010, Corattiyil worked for the liberal Democratic Speaker of the New York City Council, Christine Quinn.  As Speaker, Mrs. Quinn has worked on important initiatives such as gay marriage, restricting free speech in front of abortion clinics, and "exposing" pro-life groups that offer alternatives to abortion.  We have little doubt that Speaker Quinn and her lovely wife Kim Catullo loved Ashwin as much as Alex T. does. 

Through at least 2011 Ashwin was promoting illegal immigration.  The New York State Youth Leadership Council, a pro-illegal immigrant group, thanked him on their website for the work he did for them in 2011. 

When Chairman Triantafilou says Ashwin has the right background to lead the GOP in the pivotal 2012 elections, you can see he ain't kidding.  Spending all of 2004 campaigning for John Kerry for President, helping the liberal Democratic Speaker of the NY City Council shut down pro-life viewpoints, promoting illegal immigration, Mr. Corratiyil has proven his credentials to lead our party to victory this November!

We support Ashwin's promotion 100%.  We know he can be trusted.  His lifelong Democratic activism makes him the perfect choice to lead our Hamilton County Republican Party. 


Boss Burke said...

Way to go Alex! I wholeheartedly endorse this promotion.

Our plan is coming together nicely. Ashwin is doing a great job for us....I mean you.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

Ashwin's elected as many Republicans as I have-- ZERO! Since that's what I like to call Obama on Facebook all day, Alex should have hired me to ensure victory for November!

MS. Vicky Zwiss, huge Jean Schmidt fan said...

There's nothing wrong with supporting Democrats - just look at my contribution to Democrat Jim O'Reilly in October 2006 when he was running against that bad Pat Dinkelacker.

Ashwin's fine, but this job should have gone to a womin. A womin can do this job better than anyone, as Margaret aptly demonstrated. Our party mistreats womyn. Jean Schmidt never should have been defeated by an evil M-A-N, especially one who served in the military.

Time to move out of Hamilton County said...

Smooth move Alex. Your party is almost defunct and now you've put in place a Benedict Arnold. We're not even sure if the Tea Parties can save you this time.

Springfield Twp. Gato said...

One more reason why I won't be voting for local Republican candidates this year. The Party establishment structure has to be completely destroyed before we can ever hope to move in the direction of conservatism again. Thanks for reminding me why I abandoned the County GOP - because they abandoned me first.

Formerly active Republican said...

Guess the former Democrat and the shoe shopper will be bagging those Saturday events along with Findlay Market's Man Of The Year!

Former Campaign Manager said...

Obama has pounded Romney for weeks over outsourcing. It's one of the reasons Romney is still behind in the polls.

Finally, e lies in that ad were responded to.... By the Washing Post of course, not the Romney Camapign. Silly Republicans. Alex's brand of leadership has plenty of company in the Republican Party, which is now little more than a networking and social club for the chosen few.

Heckuva job, guys!

Princess Margaret said...

Theres a big Campaign Kickoff Victory Center tomorrow. I should be out buying a new cocktail dress and matching shoes and handbag. However.... It's in Westwood so I won't be within 10 miles of it. No way I will be in the company of so many smelly, sweaty, inbred west Siders.

Hamilton County Democrats said...

It's hard to determine who we laugh at more: Ashwin for jumping ship to the losing and declining side, or Alex for hiring him?

Enjoy your irrelevancy in Hamilton County, guys.