Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dever defeats Mr. Purity Rick Bryan

Dear fellow tax hikers, the Hamilton County Board of Elections released the official results of the 2014 primaries, and sadly the news is just as bad as it was on election night.  Jonathan Dever officially defeated our very own Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan by 66 votes.

66 stinkin' votes.  Should have just added another 6.

Ricky responded to his defeat by stating: "It was a year that we were done in by low voter turnout and a strong negative campaign."

First of all, we strongly condemn anyone who ran a negative campaign against our Ricky Baby.  We feel so bad for Rick, the Paragon of Virtue and Keeper of All Things Good and Right.  His campaign was as pure as the winter snow.  Rick absolutely did not:

- criticize one of his opponents for not living in the district for each of the last 75 years
- condemn one of his opponents because his bank neglected to pay the insurance premiums he sent them
- refer to streetcar opponents as "bullies"
- claim one of his opponents didn't have a campaign treasurer from the 28th District (note: the address listed for Rick Bryan's campaign is in Peter Stautberg's Tom Brinkman's district)
- criticize both of his opponents for lacking his experience

No, NONE of that happened, because Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said he ran a fully positive campaign.

Ricky Baby says he ran a positive campaign based on his qualifications and experience.  And no doubt, he had the best of both.

Nobody has more experience raising taxes than Rick Bryan.  Nobody is more qualified to spend money on a $75 million park than Rick Bryan.  And nobody has done more to pay for Blue Ash Council's taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany than Rick Bryan.  We are disgusted that such a positive and pure big government Republican like Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan could lose his election by a mere 66 votes. 


Tim Burke said...

Democrats are really happy about the results of the 28th District. Thank you, Republicans, for nominating another extremist nutjob who will make it so much easier for us to hold on to this seat.

Political Scientist said...

Rick Bryan and his crybaby supporters keep whining about the "negative" campaign that cost him the election. If one mailer and a limited radio spot from Dever and one mailer from COAST destroyed Ricky Baby to the extent it did, what do you think $200,000 or more from the Democratic Caucus in October would have done?

Democrats in Columbus are disappointed with Dever's win. They had more dirt on Rick Bryan than they could have ever used. They have virtually nothing on Dever, same as the GOP has virtually nothing on Kamrass. Dever vs. Kamrass is a tossup from the start while Kamrass likely would have defeated Bryan.

Mikey KamrASS said...

Thanks COAST for handing me this race on a silver platter. Can't wait to take on the carpet-bagging tea-bagger who raised almost no money. He makes Mike Wilson look like the dream candidate.

Republican Leaders in ORP and RNC said...

We can't let guys like Dever think they have a future in the Republican Party. No conservatives allowed. The only question is do we turn off the guy's funding or do we spend money on some tasteless mailers to sink his ship?

Columbus Confidential is MIA said...

Where is our buddy Columbus Confidential? Prior to the election this person told us that Dever had no chance of winning.

"You Dever people are the absolute laughingstocks of the Republican Party right now. Please do us all a favor and get out of the race before you embarrass yourself and your political party any more so than you already have done."

It looks like the only people Team Dever embarrassed was Rick Bryan and his incompetent backers. Please come back here Mr. or Ms. Confidential and continue wowing us with your expert advice!

Voice of Experience said...

Soon, young Jonathan will learn, the hard way, that the only thing that excites the Republican base is to fight other Republicans for control of the party. When it's time to campaign against a Democrat, most Republican activists are nowhere to be found.

No Surprise At All said...

Hey, "Voice of Experience," if Dever has been reading this blog, it will be no surprise at all.

Ricky Baby said...

Man I can't get away from all this. Last night I tried to forget about my setback and just enjoy a good ole' Reds game with the family. I was having a good time and having my first fun night in weeks.

Then the Reds control booth played that damn Lindsey Buckingham song Holiday Road. My face turned bright red and my mustache went twitching. I can't escape this.


We may have let this Dever guy get away with criticizing the voting record in public office of an old white Republican male, but when he starts talking about Micah Kamrass we've already got a long list of anonymous sources willing to label Dever an anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist, sexist, greedy bigot who is too radically and racially extreme for the Tea Party.

County Commissioner Wannabe Jim Sumner said...

I refuse to get over this defeat, or the one I suffered 10 years ago when I deserved to be elected County Commissioner. Rick and I are Blue Ash Councilmen damn it! How dare any of you people criticize our records.

There's Obviously More (TOM) in Sycamore said...

I like to celebrate my campaign wins by spreading rumors about the opponent I just defeated. It's amazing how the people I defeat always do the exact same thing after every election: they call up their supporters and yell at them for not doing more to help them, often while drunk. Even more incredible, these former supporters of my defeated opponents always tell me about it. I won't have my good friend Campaign Expert Matheny on my side on this one, so I guess I'll just have to use the Internets to get my message out. My guy Cliff has the story covered so he can spread it around the Courthouse. Bottoms up, Ricky Baby!

Republican Leaders in ORP and RNC said...

Dever's not our kind of guy. We've got our eye on winning some seats in Cleveland and Youngstown so no money for him.

More Experience said...

We might also add that Dever excites the base much in the same way that lima beans cause the mouth to water. They don't.