Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Last night didn't really happen, did it?


Chairman Mao-lex T. said... with KamrASS winning, the democrats can take all the credit for raising taxes.

Illmenau said...

Ve verse disappointed that Ricky Baby didn't get his promotion to das statehaus but ve hope to see him back here soon wif der taxpayer marcs from der hard-working people of Blue Ash.

Conservative Voter said...

Yes it did. But Tom Brinkman? Seriously? That guy is an idiot.

Oh What A Night said...

Big-Time Democrat Donor Crystal Faulkner is firmly ensconced on the Republican Party State Committee.

Obamacare-Funding, Amnesty-Supporting House Speaker John Boehner was overwhelmingly re-elected.

The Colerain Township Police levy passed pending a recount, delivering a 61% tax hike for those home-owners.

Tracie Hunter supporter Cecil Thomas will be representin' in Columbus now.

Voters in Fairfield, Middletown and Loveland decided to tax themselves more.

All of Ohio gets to spend a few billion dollars on pothole repairs.

Yeah, Ricky Baby, Streetcar Stautberg, and Bilking Beck lost, but overall I am pretty happy with the voters' decision to tax themselves more nearly every chance they got. They just didn't want to have some of our preferred middlemen do it, I guess.

Yost is TOAST said...

Frontrunner Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan - DEFEATED

Frontrunner Mary Jo Kilroy - DEFEATED

Way to go Dave! In the future why don't you worry about your own shitty career and stop interfering in other region's primary races.

Boss Burke said...

Hey, guys, thanks for making it so easy for us to keep the 28th in Democratic hands, and for giving us a shot in the 27th now, too.

Ohio House Democrats said...

Thanks for letting us keep the 28th. So glad you're comfortable having the distinction of the most Republican district actually represented by a Democrat. Please, keep nominating those extremist nutjobs.

Yard Sign Yeti said...

Campaign Expert Matheny about to come along and make her usual inane predictions about Republicans being so turned off by the candidate she didn't support that Republican yards will be full of this Democrat's yard signs. Remember all those yards with Romney, Mandel, Chabot and... Pillich??? Or all those with Kasich, Husted, Chabot, Portman... and Pillich?