Sunday, May 4, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Support Rick Bryan

Dear fellow tax hikers, with Election Day less than 36 hours away we are calling on you to give everything you have to nominate Rick Bryan for State Representative.  Rick is the epitome of what our movement stands for.  He has raised so many taxes, jacked up spending so high, and taken so many taxpayer-funded vacations that we can't think of anyone who better represents our tax-and-spend beliefs. 

His opponent, conservative Jonathan Dever, must be stopped.  Dever is running on a conservative platform of cutting taxes and cutting government spending.  He opposes the Cincinnati streetcar and supports the right of disabled children to keep their service animals. 

In addition, Dever is far too young for this position.  Dever is barely over age 40, which makes him at least 35 years younger than the average Rick Bryan supporter.

Ricky Bryan has compiled a fantastic record of increasing taxes and raising the roof on government spending.  This is why we were enormously proud to name him our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year. 

With that, we present our Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Rick Bryan:

1) Raised Earnings Taxes 25%
2) Endorsed a huge Democratic Sales Tax hike
3) Voted to build a $75 million park
4) Helped fund the Cincinnati streetcar
5) Spent $120,200 in 5 years on taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany
6) Took away a service animal from a disabled child
7) More than doubled the hotel-motel tax
8) Paid a band to not perform
9) Praised Bob Bedinghaus' handling of the stadiums
10) World's Greatest Mustache!

Now it's your turn.  Why are YOU supporting Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan? 


Virg the Scourge said...

World's greatest mustache my ass!

KNC51 said...

Friends, tomorrow is the big day. A lifetime of loyalty to the Republican Party is going to pay off for Rick Bryan the way it never could pay off for me. The party cleared the field for Rick Bryan, but I am not jealous. I am so happy for you, Ricky Baby! Be sure to say "danke" to the fine folks Downtown who helped make this special day happen for you.

Helga said...

Guten tag, ve like Ricky Baby because of all der Blue Ash tax dollars he sends to stimulate our local economy.

Republican Leaders in ORP and RNC said...

We always say our party needs to broaden its candidate base. We need younger candidates, we say. We need more women, we say. We need more minorities, we say. But when a guy like Rick Bryan comes along, we throw all that away. Rick Bryan is a champion tax hiker, but what makes him the ideal candidate for us is that he can be *packaged* as a conservative because he is a veteran and small businessman.

Most voters haven't heard about his huge tax hikes which really helps us sell him to those gullible conservatives. They never quite seem to figure out that being a veteran and business owner doesn't have jack diddly to do with being principled or conservative or anything. Heck, Charlie Rangel and Tom Dascle are veterans. Connie Pillich owned a business, even if that business was providing law services to illegal aliens. Stupid voters. Heads, we win. Tails, you lose.

Cryztal Faulkner, Big-Money Democrat Donor said...

Hey, Rick, I hooked you up good. Because I supported some great liberal Democrats like P.G. Sittenfeld and Chris Seelbach, that streetcar you helped grease the skids for is taking off. Also, because of my support for liberals, you can get those German friends of yours to live up to the Randy Simes standard and send a few votes your way. And we both know what that Melowese Richardson woman can do with a pencil or two, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Lots of luck tomorrow, Ricky Baby!

Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

Guys thank you so much for all your support. When the progressives vote for me tomorrow, I will win!

I want you all to know that I didn't go negative. Except for all the times I did go negative. But I haven't gone negative one single time since the last time I went negative.

Don't be negative. Vote for the mustache tomorrow! See you all in Germany soon!

Broomhilda said...

Can't wait to see you back in Germany Ricky Baby! Don't forget to bring the tax dollars!

Today is a new day said...

Today is the day.

Today is the day young Jonathan learns what we in Hamilton County think of carpet-baggers and the divisive rhetoric they like to bring in.

Today is the day that Christa Criddle learns that voters don't like career bureaucrats who refuse to give in to anyone on anything.

Today is the day that Mary Jo Kubicki learns that voters in Warren County don't care much for outsiders trying to live off the family name (that never actually meant all that much to begin with).

Today is the day that the remaining shreds of the "Blue Chip Young Republicans" find out that getting drunk together and slamming other Republicans is not an effective career-building strategy.