Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crystal Faulkner says Just Add Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers, we welcome you to our 7th and Final Edition of....... The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.  What could be more satisfying than donating to Democrat David Pepper?  How about donating to him twice.  And what's better than that?  Donate a third time! 

Democratic Donor Crystal Faulkner Cooney is a "problem solver".  Just ask her.  To MS. Faulkner, there is no problem in Ohio that can't be solved if you Just Add Pepper.  We previously reported on Crystal's $1000 donation to David Pepper for State Auditor, as well as her $500 donation

MS. Faulkner wasn't done supporting her Democratic man.  She made a third donation of another $500.  When Crystal decides we need more Democrats elected statewide, she gets down to business. 

By supporting liberal Democrat David Pepper with 3 checks for $2000, MS. Faulkner demonstrated that she is all in for:

- higher taxes
- abortion on demand
- gun control
- "marriage equality" for gays, groups, incestors, and polygamists
- obedience to the labor unions
- stomping out religious freedom
- lax voter laws that allow Melowese Richardson to vote as many times as she wants

These are obviously MS. Faulkner's values, or else she wouldn't have donated $2000 to Pepper.  If these are your values too, we implore you to support Crystal Faulkner Cooney for Republican State Central Committee.  This can be the future of our party. 


Jay Rissover Robocall, Inc said...

Sounds like my kind of "conservative". Just like my good friend Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan!

Crystal said...

Some day that nice young Pepper boy will be president of the US of A and I will have ACCESS! ACCESS! Do you hear me people. I make connections! Did you know I am a CPA? H E L L O ?

I want to be your central committee state person so we can take the party in new directions commensurate with access via vital funding streams to important people. People that most of you are unable to talk with because of your lack of sophistication. That's what it's all about people!

Did I mention that I am a CPA?

Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

I believe David Pepper and Crystal Faulkner have been excellent conservatives. I hope to be just like them when I get to Columbus.

Gregg Taxhike" Hartman said...

If I lived in Blue Ash I sure would be voting for my man Rick.

Angel Clark said...

Check out the article on "hidden primary could determine fate of GOP"