Thursday, August 7, 2014

$170 million isn't enough

Dear fellow tax hikers, Hamilton County Commissioners sent to the voters a 5 year, $170 million Sales Tax increase to restore Cincinnati-owned Union Terminal.  We are disgusted that we aren't being asked to pay more.  How dare the Hamilton County Commissioners exclude the Cincinnati-owned Music Hall from this proposal and not ask us to pay even more taxes.

$170 million is not enough.  What is Union Terminal supposed to do with a paltry $170 million?  We must pay more.  It is not enough for Hamilton County to restore one building that Cincinnati owns.  If they do not do both buildings, it is a total, complete failure of leadership. 

There was only one plan, and that is the one Bob McDonald proposed.  Bob McDonald said so himself.  County Commissioners had no right to utilize their legal authority to propose something else. 

Bob McDonald is rich.  Therefore, anything he proposes must be enacted without question. 

Because we are so distraught that we may only have to pay $170 million, we are going to leave you with commentary from fantastic folks we admire:

- Dictator Bob McDonald, public relations guru - "There is no alternative plan. This is the plan."

- Francie Hiltz, Cincinnati Museum Center Board Chair -  "This is a total failure"

- Cultural Facilities Task Force - "the worst possible outcome"

- Doug McDonald, Cincinnati Museum Center CEO - "This is disappointing for everybody. There are no winners here."

- Eric Avner, Haile Foundation - "Must be all or nothing."

This is the first tax increase ever that doesn't excite us.  $170 million just doesn't go as far as it used to. 


Racist Pig Craig Hochscheid said...

That Jew bastard Capell and greedy capitalist Regenold are preventing me from paying the higher taxes I deserve to pay! I want everything and nothing less is ok.

Tim Burke said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe this is happening. There is an absolute groundswell of opposition to this cowardly move made by Republican commissioners catering to their extremist base of the 6 members of COAST.

Republican extremism gave us a break in the 28th house district. It made the 27th very competitive for us now. Finally, right before the filing deadline, you guys came along and gave us the gift of a commission seat, and, with it, control of the commission, on a silver platter.

Suddenly, we have an embarrassment of riches from which to select a top-tier candidate.

No wonder I count Alex Triantafilou as such a good friend of mine. The Republicans are the gift that keeps on giving... to us.

History Bites said...

Voters rejected two tax hikes for public safety. Does anyone seriously think a sales tax to preserve old buildings had a snowball's chance in hell?

Proctologist and Gamble alumni said...

Whatever you do please lay off Bob McDonald. All we need is for him to come back and force us to endure another one of his self-important sermons.

Reality Bites said...

You were saying, Tim?

Leona Helmsley Hiltz said...

We will not be content until the little people give us more of their money.

The Blessing Dynasty said...

Who cares about this issue, or any other issue? All we are about is keeping our family on the public payroll. Looks like we're good until about 2028 now that Louis William III has found a suitable wife. Boy did we avert a disaster if he had stayed with his plans to have married Ole Princess Crazypants last year.

Zac Haines Band said...

so, um, I, um, guess I am running for state board of education, now, or something. Someone help me out. Please. Alex and Ashwin said it would be easy and I'd have a lot of fun, but I, um, don't know. Anyone have Rocky Boiman's number?

The Wreck of the EdWard FitzGerald said...

Hey, does anyone know where I can reach Tony Stewart?