Thursday, April 30, 2009

Support the massive Forest Hills Property Tax Hike

Fellow tax hikers, those of you who live in the Forest Hills School District have a great opportunity to vote yourselves a massive tax increase in just 5 days! We could not be more excited for you. We love higher taxes. And we love big spending. Therefore we give our strongest possible endorsement for the massive 6.9 mil Forest Hills property tax increase.

Should this huge tax increase pass, the owner of a $200,000 home would pay an extra $410, in addition to what they currently pay. We think this is a great time to ask for a big new tax hike. When other local governments are cutting back and families are tightening their belts, that is the perfect time to be different by raising taxes and embarking on a brand new spending binge.

Currently Forest Hills spends a little more per student than the state average. But they are nowhere near the big-spending meccas of the Indian Hill and Sycamore school districts. Forest Hills must spend more! They need to keep raising taxes until they are battling Sycamore and Indian Hill for biggest spenders in SW Ohio.

We applaud Forest Hills School Board member Randy Smith, a great tax-and-spend Republican, for the great leadership he's shown in deliverng higher taxes to his constituents. We wish we had more tax-hikers like Jean Schmidt and Randy Smith. On his campaign site he bragged about passing one levy, and now he's poised to pass a huge property tax increase on top of this one. This is the kind of tax-and-spend leadership we at Republicans for Higher Taxes believe in.

Please follow Randy's great leadership by voting to raise your taxes. You need to tighten your belt so the school district doesn't have to tighten theirs. With the passage of this levy, you get to pay higher taxes so the School Board can achieve higher spending. Also it's for the kids, and if you vote against this levy it means you hate the kids.


Jean Schmidt said...

Wow that is a really big tax hike! Even by my standards. I wish I lived in Forest Hills so I could support it. I love to stick it to Anderson Township.

High Tax Adamecs said...

We wish you guys the best of luck and hope your big tax passes. We shouldn't be the only ones who get to raise taxes next week.

Tom and Diane Adamec

David A. Pepper said...

Now that I have fled the City of Cincinnati and I'm a property owner in Anderson Township I feel the need to let people know where I stand on this issue.

As you may remember, my first act as County Commissioner was to push a massive $800 million tax increase without a vote of the people. It is unfortunate that the Forest Hills School District has to be subjected to the whims of the electorate. If I had it my way, people would just find the tax increase on their property bills in several months.

All that aside, I am excited and proud to support this tax increase, and hope tht everyone will join with me. I want to do for Anderson Township taxes what I did for Cincinnati and the rest of Hamilton County.

PLEASE join me and vote YES on this tax, and every other tax on your ballots this spring.

David A. Pepper